DC All Access meet with ELEAGUE Finalists

Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by SneakyTortoise, Nov 9, 2017.

By SneakyTortoise on Nov 9, 2017 at 3:10 PM
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    DC All Access have released a video of when they met up with the ELEAGUE World Championship finalists and Ed Boon, ahead of the Playoffs and Fighter Pack 3 Reveal tomorrow.

    Watch the short video below before tomorrow evening!

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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by SneakyTortoise, Nov 9, 2017.

    1. Jynks
      I just can not believe what a great place the NRS competitive scene is at the moment. I mean we are all MK fans, but the R, or at least MA rated content of that game has always held NRS back in terms of sponsors and the like. It is so fantastic to see a NRS game getting this kind of support and mainstream media attention.

      I mean DC All Access? TBS Cable TV? ESPN, Playstaton Network stream... This is not a bunch of guys meeting at the Arcade then heading to the pub any more.

      The real test is how this "season" will be followed up.. will it just disappear? Or will the support keep flowing?

      So exciting. I see people complain about the competitive scene, and I literally have no idea what they are talking about. I ask you WHAT competitive scene was there only 10 years ago? I admit that the advent of online technology as made the "local" less common and that is sad.. but still .

      It makes me wonder if there is room at NRS for a 3rd game, another style game that is also less "confronting" than MK and appealing to sponsors and TV.

      That being said.. my 1st love is MK.. and always will be... #MK4Life
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    2. rubmytaco
      Don't mistake all this marketing money being thrown at the game for actual interest. This game has a huge value to multiple parties because it promotes DC characters who just happen to have a movie coming out next week.

      When you look at the numbers themselves for streams, they're actually quite low compared to MKX 2 years ago or SFV and Tekken 7 right now. Yes, it's getting shoved into the mainstream media more because of what I said above, but that doesn't say much about the community, honestly. We're a nice marketing tool, basically.

      If NRS put in a no blood or censored mode for tournament in the next MK game, I'm pretty sure it would perform just as well, if not better than Injustice currently is. The community itself was honestly a lot more interesting back in 2011 when people started playing MK9, up until later in MKX's life. Rivalries, actually sharing tech, online tournaments/locals, etc.

      I'm sure there are still a lot of people playing this game because they love it, but I'm seeing a lot of others saying they don't like it at all and the game is pretty much dead in Europe. The insane amounts of money up for grabs is really great, but I think it's also taken away a lot of the community aspect and has people playing just for the money. That's a shame.

      Just my two cents.

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