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  1. General M2Dave

    Post general strategies in this thread.

    Current Impressions (July of 2017)

    My rating of Darkseid, using the criteria of this thread.

    1. 50/50 mix ups and/or pressure 4 / 5
    2. Zoning and anti-zoning 5 / 5
    3. Neutral game and footsies 2 / 5
    4. Defensive options 4 / 5
    5. Damage output 5 / 5
    Total Points - 20 / 25

    Trait Overview (July of 2017)

    Flying Parademon (4) - only useful full screen away
    4 - the fireball technically hits mid but its hitbox starts off very high and gradually arcs down causing whiffs unless your opponent is really far away. However, the fireball provides the most block advantage out of any other Parademon attack. A blocked full screen fireball is at least +60 on block so you can teleport and mix up your opponent using MB b+1,u+3 or an instant aerial MB stomp.
    f+4 - the flying attack technically hits mid but whiffs on all crouching opponents. Treat this move as an anti-aerial attack, which guarantees a grounded omega beam if you hit your opponent airborne. An additional benefit is that the move can connect after 2,2,1+3 for combos.

    Charging Parademon (b+4) - the most versatile Parademon, particularly in footsies and zoning
    4 - the dive is a slow overhead attack. You can perform MB low omega beam when far away or an instant aerial MB stomp when close to create hard-to-blockable set ups.
    f+4 - the charge is arguably the most versatile Parademon attack. You can use the charge to create safe zoning scenarios that would otherwise be highly unsafe, such as using grounded omega beams in footsies and having the Parademon punish any retaliations. Likewise, you can use the the charge to force 50/50 mix ups by teleporting behind the opponent and taking advantage of MB b+1,u+3 and an instant aerial MB stomp. The charge also starts up in only three frames and can punish MB forward dashes if positioned properly. The charge can anti-air too but has the least block advantage out of any other Parademon attack.

    Explosive Parademon (f+4) - best used offensively, specifically in the corner
    4 - the Explosive Parademon allows you to safely perform combos from various attacks. In the corner, summon this Parademon in the middle of the combo and finish the combo with d,f+2 in order to acquire the maximum frame advantage. Then force your opponent to guess between b+1, d+3 or low laser, and throw and have the Parademon explode to juggle or make your move safe on block.

    Current Opinions on Match Ups (July of 2017)

    Serious Advantage (7:3)
    - None

    Advantage (6:4)
    - Bane
    - Blue Beetle
    - Captain Cold
    - Cheetah
    - Cyborg
    - Dr. Fate
    - Green Lantern
    - Poison Ivy
    - Robin

    Even (5:5)
    - Atrocitus
    - Batman
    - Brainiac
    - Catwoman
    - Deadshot
    - Firestorm
    - Flash
    - Green Arrow
    - Harley Quinn
    - Supergirl
    - Wonder Woman

    Disadvantage (4:6)
    - Aquaman
    - Superman

    Serious Disadvantage (3:7)
    - Black Adam
    To Be Determined
    - Black Canary (6:4?)
    - Gorilla Grodd (6:4?)
    - Joker (6:4?)
    - Red Hood (5:5?)
    - Starfire
    - Sub Zero
    - Swamp Thing (6:4?)
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  2. Death By Nines

    Death By Nines Catharsis

    Lack of a good, safe mid is going to be a real problem
  3. its_ezie

    its_ezie Noob

    you can get a little tricky with his tele either going for a mb boot stomp into b3 or a j2 into mb bootstomp into a b3 and combo after. ot seeing much damage for him as of now. didnt they show in his reveal a back laser? idk if they removed it or im just crazy
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  4. its_ezie

    its_ezie Noob

    also if you grab with the explosive demon near the opponent instead of finishing the grab it will automatically explodes granting a popup into a b3 combo
  5. Here's some BnB's for now

    B1U3 EX, B3, J3, 22 1+3

    22~bounce cancel (B3), J3, B1U3 EX, 22 1+3

    F23, B1U3 EX, B3, J2, B1U3
  6. This is around 60% in the corner:

    11~bounce cancel (F3), J3, Doom Stomp EX, B1U3 EX, J3, Doom Stomp
  7. General M2Dave

    Correct. Number one problem right now. 2 has poor range.
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  8. CrazyFingers

    CrazyFingers Blood for the Blood God


    _CHINOCUDEIRO_ Machakabotones

    Am I the only who hasn´t Darseid in the game? I´m on Xbone and digital ultimate ed.....
  10. CrazyFingers

    CrazyFingers Blood for the Blood God

    Oh I should give notations for my B&B's ive been doing.

    Boot Stomp MB, B3, Ji3, F2 xx DF2

    B2U3 MB, B3, Ji3, 22 xx DF2

    F23, F23, F2 xx DF2

    Two Bar Big Boy Damage Midscreen

    MB B3, Ji3, B2U3 MB, S3 xx DF2 (This does like 50%)


    Launcher, F3, 22, 11 xx DF2.

    The DF2 ender guarantees a trait summon so in the corner it gets nuts.

    When I get home later today I'll be looking into the corner more. I feel comfortable with my midscreen B&Bs
  11. Combo video I made, enjoy

    This was from like less than an hour in practice mode. This character has some potential for sure
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  12. HiddenSelectCounterPick

    Premium Supporter

    I Am Shem
    It will take a few hrs i downloaded mine last night it works now
  13. CrazyFingers

    CrazyFingers Blood for the Blood God

    For real the potential is so damn high. I'll check this video out when I get the chance. When I get back home I'll be messing with more damage less hit advantage (The combos I mentioned are less damage for a 100% free trait summon)
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  14. D. R.

    D. R. "It's Time to Save the Green..."

    You guys gotta start practicing with COMPETITIVE MODE on.
  15. CrazyFingers

    CrazyFingers Blood for the Blood God

    Yea I fixed that as soon as I realized I didn't have it on. It didn't effect my results all too much tho since I didn't have really any gear.
  16. D. R.

    D. R. "It's Time to Save the Green..."

    He seems decent to me but not as crazy as I'd had hoped since you can't MB low beam point blank.

    Being able to get a free combo off throw~trait is crazy though and he has a launching hard to blockable with OH trait~MB low beam.
  17. got all of 20 mins in with him this morning before work but so far I think he has potential .

    you can tk his lasers pretty easily if you start with up back , covers the skies and most chars standing. his b12 is + on block iirc . tk stomp is unsafe but hard to see. f23 is only -5 on block so its safe against most of the cast and leads to at the very least b1u3mb b3 j2 2xdf2 for 320 for one bar .

    got 0% practice with his trait , but first thing I want to try in the lab when I get off work is combo into b3 then trait and see if I can land a f23 or something like Robin can to get his trait out safely.
  18. CrazyFingers

    CrazyFingers Blood for the Blood God

    DF2 has enough hit advantage that you can get a trait summon safely against most (if not the whole) cast. I'll have to test it with every character to make sure tho. I'll get back to you on that one.
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  19. Johnny Based Cage

    Johnny Based Cage Day 0 Phenomenal Kintaro Main
    Premium Supporter

    Seems like using 1232 as an ender when you can (timing/spacing is a bit fickle) ends in a hard knockdown that leaves them at a good range to follow up with a jump-in air-normal/stomp mix-up. If you're too close or do it too early the 3 whiffs and if you're too late or there's too much gravity from a heavier jump-in the second 2 will miss, so it seems j1 after a b3 is the best lead-in for it in your bnb's.
  20. its_ezie

    its_ezie Noob

    if you summon the flying demon and then teleport it will remain of the original side it was summoned on for a second or two before then switching sides. so you can fire a fireball as your teleporting. my timeing isnt great so someone test this to see if this is hard to block at all. The fireball is also plus on block i believe
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  21. anybody who wants to see REO stream some darkseid he is streaming now here :https://www.twitch.tv/reo_mk

    already founds some valuable info like tk air stomp beats d1 spam , air MB lazers lets you send out trait fairly safely , and TK lazers is the TRUTH
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  22. dumb question but how do i get darksied if i already preorded?
  23. Wavy

    Wavy I played Ares

    I faced a Darkseid online that bullied me lol. He teleported into another teleport and my attack whiffed on the other side while he was standing behind me(played as scarecrow). Not sure how useful that is against fast characters. d1 helped but sometimes when i went to punish i just completely whiffed to the opposite side.
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  24. Metzos

    Metzos You will BOW to me!
    Premium Supporter

    As mentioned above, lack of a solid mid normal attack and a solid special launcher move seem to be his biggest problems. Imo, his low omega beams should have a mb version which launches and f2 should either be a 13f mid, or leave it high and make it faster.

    He seems fun to play with though.
  25. Generalbit

    Generalbit The blade of osh-tekk is stale.

    These 4 bar combos for over 50% of their life are awesome, but I feel they are unrealistic because he will more often than not be spending his meter on his eye beams. I've also noticed that darkseid can get zoned out himself by characters like deadshot and firestorm. They just recover too quick for his teleport to matter in the matchup that much. Also his s2 is a 9f mid just has poor range and he has gaps in that string after s2. I also feel that none of the s2 follow ups coming out on whiff is an issue, as I can see whiff punishing w 22 or 21 being pretty good. Also 21 will whiff at the max range of the 2 which is just annoying. Another issue is that on floating characters his db1 is strangely unreliable. Ik I'm kinda rambling but this character is really cool I just wish f2 was a mid.

    Anyway Darkseid is a badass and currently has a planet in the multiverse that nets you some sweet looking gear :)

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