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Tech Dark Justice - Anti-Wakeup Setup


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Whiffing the 11 in 113 makes it a close HKD. This setup makes a ton of wakeups whiff, such as all of Superman's wakeups except Flying Punch, and all of Zod's wakeups. You can use J3 to hit confirm into a combo. Against certain characters this setup is a free way to get some frame-traps started.

Wakeups that whiff and can be punished:
Aquaman - All viable wakeups
Bane - Body Press, Venom Uppercut, Ring Slam is stuffed

Batgirl - Flying Bat, Cartwheel
Batman - Slide Kick
Black Adam - Lightning Storm
Catwoman - Cat claws, Cat scratch
Cyborg - Power Fist

Doomsday - Venom, Up Venom
Flash - Sonic Pound

Green Arrow - Stinger
Green Lantern - Lantern's Might
Harley Quinn - All viable wakeups
Joker - Acid Blossom
Killer Frost - Black Ice
Lobo - All viable wakeups
Martian Manhunter -
Need somebody to test MMH, I don't have the character
Nightwing - Escrima Fury, Flipkick, Staff Spin
Raven - Soul Crush, Event Horizon
Scorpion - Flipkick
Solomon Grundy - Cleaver Spin, Walking Corpse
Superman - All except Flying Punch
Wonder Woman - Amazonian Uppercut
Zatanna - Multi-Kick
Zod - All viable wakeups
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F213 xx MB Flipkick B3 J2 113 - 32% is a slightly more damaging way into the setup


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too much NW stuff to remember lol I still have not played with this


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Would somebody kindly test MMH out for me so that I can add it to the OP?


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Oh, God. Like this damn character needs any other shit to make him more annoying than he already is. -_-

I've fought like eleventy-billion Nightwing players lately and I've said it's due to there being some type of uprising. Now this? It's going to be eleventy-billion².

Edit: Almost forgot. I'll give credit where credit is due. Nice find, man.


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Why haven't I seen this before?
Can't you do it after a F3 instead of D2 B3?
Nah the JI3 doesn't crossup with F3, although I believe you can do regular EF ~ B3, MB EF ~ B3 and MB FK ~ B3 to get into this setup