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Damage vs. setup

What do you guys think is most optimal at high level play? Going for setups until you know it's going to take the bar or always going for damage? I am curious of what you guys think.

Currently this is my strategy but it's a working progress.

Personally I've been going for setups in the corner instead of switching to shield stance and getting a few more percent. The only time I go for switch is if I go for a 33 trait mb bash combo. This combo gets over 50% and on block I am +9.

Here I am torn. Strategically I think it would make sense to go for damage on the first life bar and for b3 f3 set ups on the second bar. I personally don't do the dash f3 setups as you don't have the option to otg, and you can still cross f3 them up. This should probably be character specific as some characters you can mb through their wake up.

Personally I get a lot of d2 hit confirms. I've been going for the 29% full combo to make sure I take 1/3 of their life bar instead of going for set up. What do you guys think?

These are some of my personal strategies but I've been looking at every angle to improve my game play so any advice would be appreciated.


I prefer to go for damage midscreen, but I don't do it so much for damage.I really do it because I want the corner carry.
EDIT: I didn't realize this was a Wonder Woman specific thread :/ Sorry I thought it was a general fighting game discussion lol.
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Against people with good wakeups, I either go for damage or standing resets (b3, d2 into dive punch or b3 j3 into dive punch).

Against bad wake ups, I go for the mid screen b3 f3 vortex.

In the corner, I go for sword combos if it's going to kill, but if it's not going to kill, I go for a combo that finishes in lasso grab so I get a really tricky 90/10 in my favor lol.


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In the corner I always go for setups unless I know a S&S combo would kill or my opponent has already used clash. Midscreen I always go for damage for the first life bar. Second life bar I use more setups/unclashable damage.


Midscreen I go for setups more than anything. Depending on the opponent, I'd normally go for the high damage cross up setup against people that don't generally tech roll otherwise the standing reset or b3, f3 setup. In the corner I go for max damage and try to bait wakeups. (Also opponent dependant.)


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Its really MU specific for me and all in all you want them in the corner. I go for the d2 OTG if its a stupidly large stage so that the cross up pushes them closer to the edge. By that I mean, 10/10 times it crosses them up where an IJ2 into AS crosses up again and you're on the same side as you were before. Corner wise, I don't see either going for damage or setup hurting in general during the second life bar mainly because they can clash in either stance anyways and after clash you'd be back in lasso anyways

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Setups in the first bar....... damage in the 2nd. If the setup lands then i get 100% no if ands or buts about it.

Wager being the 2nd life bar means..... take as much damage as you can to force them into a clash situation. This makes your opponent predictable.....


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Oh and if your bored you can critique my game play here:

Obviously the combo drops I know about... But other critiques are welcome
Glad you posted this. I need to be critiqued also. Is this the only set we recorded because I know I had a bunch of losses other than this. I think those would be more helpful to me lol
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Oh and if your bored you can critique my game play here:

Obviously the combo drops I know about... But other critiques are welcome
Someone I play with has a pretty good nightwing, so it was nice to see some footage of others in the match-up. I don't really have any criticisms though. I've heard that shield stance beats staff, but it didn't work out too well when I tried it.


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i like going for set ups but you gonna get your damage in when it counts every player should a god amount of set ups and big damaging combos
Rule 1 First life bar go for damage.
Rule 2 On the second life bar go for damage on the first combo and force a wager.
Rule 3 If they wager go for damage afterwards and if they don't then go for unclashable.
Rule 4 If you get out zoned easily then keep them close and go for setups instead of damage. However, do your best to respect rule 3 on the second life bar.