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General/Other - Kenshi "Dad Why You Drop Kenshi"

I think next patch is Kenshi's turn.
Kenshi is a character that is bad designed in this game, just a straight bad port from mk9 Kenshi, and because of this he is probably harder to fix than other characters, he needs either lots of changes, or a drastic redesign to be good (I hope this, and not lazyness/not giving a shit about the character, is the reason nrs still has not fixed him).
If they made his projectile whiffs less punishable that'd be a start, but I feel like that's just making it easier to play the character than actually improving him


A Hitbox Pirate - YARRR -
I just tweeted the video to Boon, that f***** has to see this. We all here wanted Kenshi to work as a viable option, unfortunately, he isn't, he needs a full rework to be viable, NRS won't do that, not a chance.

Off topic: Did Tom Brady drop SZ for real??? Send me a link please, I didn't hear anything about it.
It's not Ed Boon's fault that Paulo didn't do a great job redesigning the character after Paulo decided to gut the beta version.

And Tom Brady (Bill) is a troll. He's always been a troll. Don't take his dumb shit to heart. He's not dropping Sub-Zero.


Funny that 5 year olds get over their emotional attachment to pixels faster than adults.

Homework essay: in this video, which character exhibits more "grown up" behavior?