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I pick cyrax a lot. If you can manage to get those bombs out he can be very deadly. I mainly pick him when i want to do the mercy glitch. So if you see me throw out a bomb and squat two or three times, dont get mad.
Well for one just look at my name. Cyrax is my favorite MK character of all time. I love him. Yeah he has a pretty bad uppercut problem. But I love how no one expects my air throw. When they jump at me I perform my air throw and I hear them go "What the F**K!"

I am pretty damn good with him I must say.


You didn't try out Kitana, but we'll save that for another time.

I really would practice more with Cyrax if I were you. The way you play Reptile, you can kind of do Cyrax the same way. Like, when your opponent trys to scramble away from the bombs, beat them to the punch and jump kick them right back on it. Even if they escape, you're still forcing them to scramble around and make mistakes.
Last night I versed a Kabal and got my ass handed to me with Cyrax simply because Kabal has an almost unfairly fast wakeup spin dash.

Most of the time I can win with Cyrax, but on those occassions I cannot.


Knock Kabal down, run in, LP to bait the spin, cancel with block. Net, SUJK, 6 hit combo.
I don't play as him except non ranked matches but yesterday i figured out a 60% Probably figured out before but i did it on my own.
I noticed that in MAT 2, on MK3, Cyrax was the easiest to beat Khan with, just net+uppercut and repeat.

In UMK360, hes a bit more difficuly probably due to the crappy controller register.

In Trilogy on PSX, forget it, you need to use either Rain or Noob Saibot if you want a good, easy battle.
Im not speaking of his roundhouse infinite. His mind control orb infinite does the trick. Khan doesnt stand a chance with it. Plus I can never get his roundhouse infinite to work.


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sorry to steal

My favorite is his bombs. You can easily trick opponets by using far and close range bombs at the same time, they rush and you can net them. But im still not very good with him.
Sorry to rain on your parade, but unfortunately cyrax can't let the net out while you have bombs in UMK3/trilogy, you could in original mk3 though.


You can throw the net out while bombs are in play. You just can't throw bombs out while the net is in play.
DAVE101 said:
Sorry to rain on your parade, but unfortunately cyrax can't let the net out while you have bombs in UMK3/trilogy, you could in original mk3 though.

lol just kidding :) Needed a Chance a use that...


MK11 Kabal = MK9 Kitana
I believe the net is locked after 3 hits. I usually do an aahp, net after a bomb hits then aahp,hp, jk or aahp, jk, whiff air throw to get in close.


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bomb rush down in corner is evil..forget it against pro players tough lol
another good strat would be after a blocked jk, drop instantly a bomb. if they get paralized by fear, rush them so they eat the bomb, or if the jump in the middle of the rush, u can anticipate that and go for aahp, net. now, if they try to jumpscape as soon as u drop the bomb, u can try air throw, so they'll fall into the bomb as well lol
well there are tons of strat, that one just came to my head.


Lol, yeah, I thought you just made a typing mistake.

Cyrax has a pretty good variety of strategies available to him, it's just that most of them are really hard to do for a normal player. Most regular players who use him do the net wide open where it's extremely easy to counter. I think I've only played like one or two good Cyrax players.