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What are your opinions on Cyrax? I know he's not so popular but he's my strongest character. I'd like to hear what other people thought of him.


As was said, sucky uppercut. He is more easily comboed because he is a robot. His net can be handy since it comes out instantly after getting jabbed in close. His air throw is more a WTF move I think.

I like the fact that his throw leads to a combo, although it was better in MK3 when it didn't add to the combo meter. Still, throw, aa.lp, air throw or something along those lines is fun. I forget if aa.lp or aa.lp aa.hp is better for damage.

And I think if you can keep your opponent at a distance, throwing out some bombs can lead to interesting situations. If you manage to get one out, applying a little pressure can make someone really scramble to get away from it and that can create an opponening.

Overall not very powerful a character but I always had a lot of fun using him myself.
hes not a bad character if u can use him well
hes good for players how like to duck and block alot
because the bomb forces them to move
just dont overabuse his teleport move
definately my favorite character, I enjoy playing him as much as possible, but usually results in a loss. He is not a strong character by any means. His teleport is horrible and can only be used when the enemy is open for attack, in which case you should make contact instead of flying to the other side of the screen only to be back in close range and very much vunerable. Overall Cyrax requires alot of effort to be successful compared to other character choices. Still my favorite

-Sy Illusions
Yes, I like Cyrax.

I use him alot, and Im very good with him. In MHO, hes not a weak character, hes actually very strong. His net and his bombs are very useful. Though his teleport is slow, I never bothr using it, thats almost the same as giving the opponent a free hit. Unless Im fighting someone who sucks.

As for his uppercut, If I have the opportunity to use an uppercut, Id rather use something else anyway, like something that can open up a combo or juggle. So I could care less if its weak.

oh, and He has an excellent throw.


Cyrax is one of my favorites and the only character I feel I can play proficiently with a pad.

My personal favorite trick is to use his air throw in combos as a pressure tool.

for example- throw, aalp, jump kick, qcf block.

The air throw actually acts as a kind of dash that keeps me in run jab pressure mode. I use this same tactic when I aerial net also. Net, aalp, jump kick, qcf block.

The thing here is that the air throw doesn't connect, I use it as a tool to hover over my opponent on wake up. This keeps the pressure up because I go straight into run jabbing again and then if I get a throw, I can repeat the cycle.

I've loved Cyrax since the beginning...he was top tier in the earliest revisions due to a series of infinites and I like the whole trap strat.

Paulo and I were the first guys to really own with Cyrax in Chicago.


UltImaTe GTA said:
Yeah, his throw ownz.
It was great when it didn't add to the combo meter in MK3. Throw into corner, roundhouse, was a great way to start a combo with him and it meant more broken roundhouses could be done before the net disabled.
aw man i was doing some crazy ass cyrax shenanigans, had like 20 win streaks going.

Is it possible to aaNet, drop bomb, aaHP, aaNet(bomb hits) turn around Net, aaHP, HP, JK?

or does catching them in the net and using a bomb give the whiff open chest?

I was setting up some wierd ass combos on ppl, cause i was playing a turtle Cyrax. So soon as one bomb hit, i caught them in the net up high, and start the net shenanigans. If a bomb can somehow be put in the combo things could get crazy.

Cyrax is now the funnest thing going on in the game IMO.


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I like cyrax a lot actually- i use same strats as Ray, but when they realize that they'll be rushed again and jump, i jump again, sometimes with 3 jk's straight lol...so it would be throw, lp, net, hp, jk, air throw(miss) and then jk and AT(miss) again...it works BUT like i said, only when u know they're gonna try escape jumping.
A corner rush (against non tlpters) with bombs is sick. i try to hold lk as much as possible, so i can drop bombs after any attack(jk, rh, aahp, shp)
cyrax is cool :wink:
DAVE101 said:
You can't throw bombs while the net is out in UMK3.
yeah you're right.
also, i didnt even realise how scrubby that question actually sounded.

It's just that, i've neverhad a reason to throw a bomb after i catch someone in a net anyhow, so i never tried it. So i just didnt have a clue at all if a combo like that was possible.


I was ok with Cyrax. I remember that someone showed me his six hit standard combo in exchange for how to do his helicopter fatality.

Anywho... against the CPU, I am probably the best with him(or Classic Sub). Competitively, I am just about avgerage. If you can manage to get a ground net catch he can easily set up for a 40/42% combo everytime against anyone. The only backfire on trying to catch someone in the net on the ground is that if they get a projectile of some sort off it seems to connect and if it a "stun" move, Cyrax stays stunned when the net disappears.

All around, he was the character I used alot when UMK3 came out. So he stays as one of my favorites.
I see there are alot of new members here and was still wondering what people thought of Cyrax. He is all i ever use now in ranked. Someone was telling me that he is the easiest to to an inf to..
The cyber ninjas are easy to relaunch and can Nightwolf can do his HK, HK, B+HK autcombo infinitively in the corner against them.


Like the guide suggest, Cyrax is an absolute beast in the right hands.

His biggest problem is that most everything about him requires alot of set up to do, so you have to think in advance a lot about what you are going to do next.


Cyrax can be quite fun. I love using his throws, I wish they didn't add to the combo meter in this. And getting an insta-net after getting hit by standing HPs or LPs is always funny looking. Although typically it's been Shock doing that to me, not me doing it to others.