Cyrax Round 5 Pluss New Tech explained!!!!

Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by TONY-T, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. TONY-T

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    One of the main new techs i found has to do with the dissolving net bomb trap that check4900 found.

    In checks version he starts the combo from the ground, nets them in the air, teleports to the other side, does a close bomb, then proceeds with a 2,2, into combo as they fall from the net.

    This method works well as long as your opponent is caught high up in the air with the net. Though its still pretty hard to make work because your opponent can jump out of the way if the net is done to low, they can also EXattack out of it no matter how high they are caught in the net.

    What ive found however is that if you start the combo with an anti air move such as u+2, d+1 etc. The wakeup properties for them are different once they hit the ground from falling out of the dissolving net.

    They cannot jump, they cannot duck, infact they cannot do any directional movement what so ever for atleast a second.

    They can however do any regular move upon landing such as jabs or special moves and ofcourse they can block! If they wish to jump out of the way of the bomb they have to tap block first, then jump, or do a jab or special move , then jump out of the way.

    Because of this, its actually possible to use throws on them upon landing and its hard for them to get out of it. they have to use an EXattack to escape. This method also allows for a few more damaging combos then normal..

    Other new tech.

    2 of the same bombs in a combo! yep, it works!

    3 bombs in a combo after 1 has already exploded! yep, ive found a way to bend the rules.

    a few new bomb traps.

    a new reset, credit to maxter.

    heaps of new combos, Pluss lots of new ideas that are usefull.

    a new 1 bar net reset that does 83%

    Some new 100% + combos

    new wall combos and setups.

    Maxter dont hate me bro, i got to paranoid. Caraecrika and beginner pushed me over the edge lol
  2. Beginner0k_TwM


    good work, keep it up.
  3. xZEPPELIx

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    Premium Supporter

    Awesome video! Any chance that you could post the script?
  4. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    I might try and get it up this weekend, pluss ill add some other combos that should have made the vid..
  5. Asodimazze

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  6. NariTuba

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    I laughed so hard at the last hit of 2,1,2 bomb trap I choked on a cracker, had to pause the video and collect myself.

    0:17 sick ragdoll onto bomb from ground starter... been hunting for this.

    4~mb bomb trap, if they dont tech roll do you have to jab to prevent a jump out?

    2:33 looks meterless but your text says "1 bar 23%" are you using a bar?

    I was working on a b2 onto bomb combo before my ps3 died, never thought it would reset tho. Odd. NRS sweating balls as of right now.

    6:12 DarthArma recently pointed out to me that you can escape regular ground starter AAnet stagger setups by mashing directionals and attacks. For example mashing d3 as soon as the net breaks to avoid being pushed onto the bomb. He also pointed out that there is a "perfect" timing for the bomb to make it inescapable but its down to the frame. Have you tested your AA starter variation for this?

    8:15 CG onto bomb... damn

    11:54 beautiful!

    As always, great work Tony-T!
  7. Drayn0

    Drayn0 Noob

    Didn't they take all of his rese... you know what I give up... Leaky... fuckin...boat.
  8. fr stack

    fr stack I hear you like HTB's

    hahaahahah fantastic stuff cyrax is the devil he even has a 16 hit 66% combo!!! number of the beast
  9. G4S J360

    G4S J360 i Use a modded cyber now
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    amazing work as usual tony!!! I have to say that I really really liked the trip into bomb in the corner. Great stuff man, your cyrax combo videos are ALWAYS PRACTICAL

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  10. Amazing stuff.
  11. Tong Lung

    Tong Lung What is a breaker?

    Yes! I've been waiting for this one and after watching the vid I can say that this far exceeds my expectations... 3 bar 102% 0_0

  12. Deadly Torcher

    Deadly Torcher King Dingaling

    Just scary. Brilliant.
  13. Euphoric

    Euphoric MKX
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    Is the Hotfix out or you just decided to release Round 5? I didn't notice any changes to Mustard or Kabal when I played in the morning.
  14. GuamoKun

    GuamoKun I Break Hearts, Not Combos
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    As if I wasn't scared of Cyrax enough...
  15. Mosp

    Mosp Noob

    That was ridiculous, you always find the most creative combos and ways around the rules. Props to you for dedicating your time to make 5 of these amazing videos.
  16. Mt. Mutombo

    Mt. Mutombo Asshole by nature

    At long last i can post some of the things i've found lol. Will post in the next few days : D

    But tony man i could have waited you didn't have to rush cause of me : (

    Either way man, i really don't think there's gonna be a hotfix :s i honestly think it's a rumor or just plain bs...if so im going to have to start playing around with the net reset possibilities, haven't touched them net resets since tom brady said there would be a hotfix...
  17. Maxter

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    how could i hate you tony if i love these combos =) i already had some other techs ready just in case net reset got removed, but i believe after nrs staff see this video they will give up trying to change anything they might end up damaging the game core engine, too much programming shit to deal with. pretend this is umk3 if cyrax got you on those bomb resets you were dead except over here you have one or 2 chances to break them =) nrs was smart with the breaking system, so people dont complaint about the 100% dmg combos, props to them, and you cyrax haters if you cant beat them join them, still cyrax is beatable and vulnerable.

    This is so far the best combo movie you have made, i learned some new tricks from it, cyrax is the character with the longest and most damaging combos on this game, some people detest them, some people love them, they bring a lot of hype in tourneys, some stay like wtf, this combo will never end? as i said before people from other communities have approached me and had told me they would be buying this game just to play with cyrax and do those beautiful combos and maybe play competitively in a future,

    only pro cyrax player i see dont use these combos is mustard, there is art on them mustard the crowd love them, i'm still waiting fo that day that you do a 70% dmg on foxy grandpa he is always on your side and believe you are the best because you dont do resets, nonsense!!! he is just afraid that one day you do one of these on him lol, foxy say they are not supposed to be in the game, guess what anything you find in a game supposedly was already in it. i'm cool with you foxy but still i want mustard to do these, i don't need them to win either no cyrax really do, his dmg is good as it is, still this makes him unique and artistic with the must beautiful combos in the game, good stuff tony, good night
  18. Check

    Check -

    great stuff tony. just by watching this video i can already tell there will be a round 6.

    thanks for the credits. you could of used sheeva for my air net trap, which beats the armor frame/jump frame.
  19. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    Thanks narituba.

    They can mash d+3 wich can stuff the throw attempt when the net is to low, but if the net is high and the timing is right, its very hard to escape. even if they break the throw they still get launched as shown in the first combo lol.

    A couple of times i used the ground starter version and had the cpu set to jump, both times i nailed the combo on the perfect frame. Even on this perfect frame your opponent can EX out of it, its just extremely hard to do. Any EX move that has armour on startup will always beat any regular move. In order for them to beat your jabs they have to buffer the EX move as they are falling from the net.

    They cant jump out of 4~d,b+1, bomb trap. you can use a far bomb instead and you dont even need to teleport for this one to work. but its a little harder.

    lol at the 1 bar 23%. ill have to change that :p
  20. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    Thanks J360
  21. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    thanks REY
  22. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    Thanks Tong Lung, glad you liked
  23. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    Thanks Torcher :)
  24. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    No hotfix, i just released it.
  25. Roko1985

    Roko1985 Put down the controller and run!

    Hi Tony and everyone....Great video..very very impresive.I am not so good Cyrax player , but i like having funn with him online I kind a have some questions which if you or someone else can answer. Its about resets that i am using online(i am an online player cause of SF). What i do is some combo which finishs with 121 mid bomb, then ex saw.Or some of your reset combos(ex saw reset or 123 close bomb reset) then i am finishing the reset with net up4 mid bomb ex saw. If they block i get reset.I f they do somethink else(not armour special) they get hit and sometimes i get reset, but sometimes they are flying over the bomb and i get only the damage from the ex saw. If the reset work then they are usualy near the corner. So i am finishing the reset with net in the corner...after net in the corner i am flting them with njp, up 4 or another back2. Then close bomb and ex teleport just before they wake up for another reset......How reliable are those resets? They work online ,but what about offline.........Can you or anyone try them and tell me what you think.................. It happens only ones that Cage player jumped over the ex saw ,,but i think i was late with ex saw.... Any opinion... One more think about pressure mix ups ........ what i do is 12 d1 21 12net/1 db3 is there something better and specialy some tricks to catch them with the net..... Thanks in advance everyone ..........

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