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Cyrax net setups

I really want to find out how to do this - throw,aaLP,net
Is it even possible and are there any other variations and different setups.
Please post video's if you can.
Any other tips on how to do these sort of things with him would be greatly appreciated.


if you have the on snes psx n64 you can go play the game with the 2p on and hit him in the air shot net and you have a combo
I know it's risky and I wouldn't try in a serious match, but it sure is fun doing it.
Thank you very much Scheisse, very detailed post and deserves some plus repping, not that you want it or need it, but I'm gonna do it anyway, just try and stop me.

*EDIT* I'm not sure if its worth doing it in an competitive match, but this should be in the guide anyway, I would think that the guide should have a section for fun and interesting things to try with each character.*EDIT*
It is possible to get "throw, lp" with all characters.
Some are very hard to do it against and basically just isn't worth the risk.
What I have the most success doing is throw, (run cancel) lp, net.
Always run cancel, some require different distances and speeds, but they are mainly all the same.

(I know you can't net after two punches, it is just an example of the ease of use of this method and shows that you can get them AFTER the net if you are planning on air throwing)

If I say they can be hp, obviously it means you have more time to get the lp in after the throw.

These are all mid-screen
Easiest chars for me are:
Male Ninjas - main chars you want to try this with. You can get lp, lp relatively easily, if you plan on practicing this, I recommend starting with them.

Kano - can even hp, hp, air grab him
Nightwolf - can be hp fairly easily
Jax - lp, lp
Kabal can be aaHp once, and requires only enough run to cancel the throw recovery, similar to aaHp, (3rd) hatchet timing with NW.

I don't recommend trying it with (in a match):
Sindel is difficult, but she can be hit below the ground with the net often.
Stryker - is harder to hit than most chars, believe it or not
Female ninjas
Luke Ang(one of the worst for me)*

Net doesn't work on(Replace with air grab or just do air grab to begin without lp):
Luke Ang*

*I'm not sure about Luke because he is really hard to lp to begin with and nobody uses him.
He looks like he would net, but the lp risks are too high to really use in a match.

Also, there are a few frames with Cyrax' net after the lp that look to be blockable for almost every other move, but sometime net people.
Anyone know anything else about this?
i.e. Sheeva gets netted after a throw, lp, even though she is technically on the ground.

It may just be the net interrupting the next frame in the animation while they are already technically netted and appears glitchy.
Great summary here, I just want to add to it a little bit. You should remember that you've got a lot of options out of the throw that are useful in different situations. However, you should also remember that damage protection is on during the whole thing, so don't attempt to do things that are too difficult for the situation. It's not worth the risk.

If you're having trouble landing the throw > LP > Net in your situation, you should consider doing throw > LP > HK instead. It does decent damage and is very reliable. If you want to go a little more difficult, you can do throw > LP > JK, which then allows you to follow up with run jabs or a knee or whatever. If you throw your opponent into a corner, throw > LP > net > deep JK > HP > air throw is a great option.

About the net on the ground, I do this most often when I throw > LP > net into a corner. The timing is really difficult, but adding the kick starter autocombo onto it makes it a worthy option. I think it works in the same way that relaunches do, in that it makes the character stand up while still technically in the air. If you hit the net during those frames, it catches the person and makes them stand on the ground at the same time.


Characters that midscreen Throw, LP, Net either doesn't work on or not worth trying:

Shang, Sheeva, Female Ninjas, Sonya, Sindel, Liu Kang and Kung Lao. I would even say don't bother vs Nightwolf and the Robot Ninjas, because they land very close to the ground when it does catch them in air, sometimes, it'll even put the net a little below where it would be if they were standing in the net which can throw off whether you choose to juggle or combo, similar to an air freeze with Sub that actually has them on the ground.

Instead do, LP, JK, then do the air throw as they drop and you will land close to them, and it makes rushing easier. If you don't want to do that, then do a HK after and a drop a bomb as they get up, then start some zoning strats. Regardless of the character, using the air throw as they land on the final hit is generally a good idea because even if it doesn't get you very close, it often baits some special moves that you can then counter, so kara jab right after you land to block the attack and make them confirm by still moving after landing, this results in about a 50% scenario for Cyrax using multiple tactics and options.

After the Throw, LP, Net, you have the option of aaHPHP (aaHP, aaHP on male ninjas) and then air throw or JK generally, or even mid screen, wait to time the jump so they fall out of the net as you connect a deep JK, aaLP or HP, air throw, or JK. If that's too difficult, do, Throw, LP, Net, JK, air throw, which is a bit more than aaHPHP, air throw.

If in the event you actually do get a grounded net after the throw that is either unblockable or just wasn't blocked, Cyrax's full combo with a JPS does less damage than a simple, cross up JK to Air Throw.
So what is the best damage/combo cyrax can do starting with a throw or catching someone in the air with a net? I don't want to learn 20 different combo's for one character, just a few...


You're going to need several no matter what if you want options.

Throw, aaLP, Net, aaHP, aaHP, JK does 24% and is the preferred juggled in this scenario, air throw instead of JK does maybe 1 pixel less.

Throw, aaLP, Net, aaJK, air throw does just about 26% and is worth trying, perhaps even easier for some people.

Throw, aaLP, Net, aaJK, aaLP, air throw does 28% and is hardly worth the effort because the LP has to practically be glitch canceled.

Midscreen set up:

aaNet(pause) (or punisher set up), aaHP, Net(pause), aaHP, Net, aaHP, aaHP, JK (42%) or air throw (41%)

A tough punisher vs Male Ninjas:

aaHPHP, Net, long pause, deep JK, aaHP, JK = 51% (air throw = 50%)