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Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by Screamo Luvr, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. Screamo Luvr

    Screamo Luvr Ice Warrior

    It seems like all the combos in the guide are broken now without bomb trap...Does anyone have any working combos? Also a video to go along with it would be greatly appreciated, as many of the combos I see on this forum seem to have certain aspects of them patched, and I can't really find any good, working combos.

    Here are some combos I have found so far (note you can add jip at the beginning of most of these combo to add around 3% to it):

    20% 4 hit - :fp:bp:fk~Buzzsaw
    24% 7 hit - :fp:bp~Net, :fp:bp:fk~Buzzsaw
    22% 5 hit - :fp:bp:fk~Rag Doll This one is nice and flashy, especially if started with a jip, but it proves to have low efficiency, as other combos with higher damage are easier to do.
    23% 8 hit - :fp:bp~Net, :l+:bp, dash:fp:bp:fk You can end this off with a Bomb (Medium), and then do another combo
    24% 7 hit - (pre-laid bomb explodes), :fp:bp~Net, :fp:bp:fp
  2. Raven3r

    Raven3r Noob

    Cyrax still has some ridiculous combos without the bomb trap. Tony T has been kind enough to show some awesome combos, all you need:
    The last few minutes are the combos for more damage rather than style but I do recommend watching all of it!
  3. Mosp

    Mosp Noob

    Well Cyrax's UMK3 skin still has the bomb trap so all those combos are possible :)
  4. gravager

    gravager Noob

    i once saw someone at another forum rage about how some Cyrax beat him with 53% no meter combos.. anybody got one of those to share?

    my best are in the 30s midscreen without any bomb tricks. simple bnb.

    :bp :fp, net, njp, dash, :l+:bp, dash :fp, dash, :fp :bp :fp anti-air 33%... junk like that.

    sorry if what I asked is covered in posted videos, I can't watch em btw:D
  5. Mosp

    Mosp Noob

    I highly doubt Cyrax has a 53% no meter combo without the bomb trap. His bnb with 1 bar does around 60% and with no bars he has no way to keep a juggle going except for his :l+:bp which is really slow.
  6. Screamo Luvr

    Screamo Luvr Ice Warrior

    I don't like that every combo I see for cyrax relies on meter (i.e. :en Bomb). I don't always have meter for combos. Doesn't anyone have Cyrax combos that don't require meter?
  7. gravager

    gravager Noob

    my thoughts exactly... could not come up with permutation of cyrax moves that added up to 53% even in corner.
  8. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    I made this post over at TRMK, i just coppied it and pasted here.

    These combos are what i think are his bnb from each launcher (meterless). These are all totaly in my opinion, some people may agree or disagree and thats fine.

    So these are "meterless" combos (midscreen)

    Combo starter: uf+2 / uf+1

    uf+2, 3,3~net, u+2, b+2, 1,2,1~anti air.... 36 damage

    Very easy and decent damage with no meter. Instead of anti air, you can add a ragdoll after the 1,2,1, but timing is strict and it only adds 1 more point of damage, so its not worth it. Also instead of anti air, you can do a mid bomb, for a wakeup bomb trap mixup.

    Combo starter jabs: 1,2 / 3,3 / 2,1

    1,2~net, u+2, b+2, 1,2,1~anti air.....32 damage

    You can use the same ending alternatives as the above combo and you can start it with what ever jabs you like. it will always do the same damage no matter what jabs you use..

    Combo starter: b+2

    b+2, 3,3~net, 1,2,1~anti air.....24 damage

    same ending options as above.

    Combo starter: Bomb - bb+4 / ff+4 / bbf+4

    ff+4, u+2, b+2, 1,2,1~anti air.....35 damage

    same ending options as above

    Combo starter: Net

    Net, u+2, b+2, 1,2,1~anti air.....27 damage

    same ending options as above

    Combo starter: u+2 / u+1

    u+2, b+2, 1,2,1~anti air.....30 damage

    same ending options as above

    In my opinion, these are his bnb from each launcher using no meter.
  9. Screamo Luvr

    Screamo Luvr Ice Warrior

    What is "u"
  10. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    That would be UP. Notation can also be NJP (Neutral Jump Punch) instead of u+2/u+1
  11. cgerrr

    cgerrr Tourney id: Gfc_alekS

    Yep that’s pretty much all Cyrax has at mid screen meter-less. However, these combos can be expanded. Here are some advanced combos for you all to train your muscle memory (add 3% to combo damage if using jump in punch):

    >> :bp:fp Net, dash, nj.:fp, dash b.:bp, short dash :fp, short dash :fp:bp:fp, Ragdoll (with grab) 34%

    Same with Net and nj.:fp:
    >> Net, (teleport), nj.:fp, dash b.:bp, short dash :fp, short dash :fp:bp:fp, Ragdoll (with grab) 28%
    >> nj.:fp, dash b.:bp, short dash :fp, short dash :fp:bp:fp, Ragdoll (with grab) 31%

    Back :bp starter – here it becomes tricky:
    >> b.:bp short block dash, nj.:fp, short dash :bp, short dash :fk Net, dash :fp:bp:fp AA Grab 28%

    And my masterpiece 1 meter combo from :en tele starter:
    >> :en teleport, :d:fp Net, dash, wait, b.:bp, short dash, :fp:bp:fp AA Grab 30%

    Regarding the last combo: it’s 30% for GTFO move – it’s a must for any decent Cyraxes to have in their arsenal (though combo a bit tricky to perform): after you land it couple of times opp will respect your wake up with this combo.

  12. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    sounds fun, will try it
  13. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    Gotta give you props for connecting that. Great find! I tried that along time ago but could never seem to get it to connect. It always ended up doing another teleport whenever i tried to pull out the net. Though ive learned a little trick to stop the teleport coming out and get the net to come out instead. All i do is press 1 twice during d+1 and then do the net. It seems to cancel out the auto teleport.
  14. xTHUGx

    xTHUGx Noob

    Can't you do something else after that Net? Like 1,2 or 2,1 EX BOMB, Mid bomb,uppercut,....BnB

    I may be wrong, but just a thought I had.
  15. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    yes ofcourse, but its a bit of a waste to use 2 bars in a combo like that. Im more inclined to not do a combo from exteleport anyway, i usually throw a midbomb after the teleport and then do 2,1 as they wakeup, then do close bomb. Its a setup, but it can lead to good damage.
  16. younghou

    younghou Noob

    i can use ex teleport, c.1,net,teleport..
    and set up a mid bomb, when he land he do it on cyrax 2,2 forcing the imblockeable situation

    i post this in other thread. i hope this help

    "The other day while practicing in training I found the following unblockable setups:

    Unblockable anti-air net:

    If you connect a net in the air between the 1st and 3rd hit of the combo, you can teleport, leave a mid-bomb (f,f+4) followed by dash and 2,2. This is unblockable, the opponent can't jump or reversal to avoid the setup. It's important sometimes to add an EX net in the combo to avoid that the opponent does a breaker after the unblockable. You can also use a variation that deals a lot more damage: If after the bomb you dash and do 2 > 1 xx close bomb (b,b+4), late jb.kick,,, etc. (Thanks to TONY-T for the setup).

    Some setups for this unblockable are:

    d+1 (anti air) > dash > d+1 xx net
    jf.p > dash > 1 xx net
    anti air net
    jn.p > b+1 > net "
  17. cgerrr

    cgerrr Tourney id: Gfc_alekS

    Thanks, man.

    I knew for a while that :en tele can be linked with :d:fp Net, but only resently I discovered that you can connect b.:bp after Net for meaty 30%. And you can nj.:fp after Net, which in overall nets you guaranty damage + bomb setup.

    As for negative edge: there is a trick to hold a button which causes it (in case of :d:fp Net just hold :fp instead of tapping it and input b.b.:fk for Net).

    Additionally I would like to draw your attention to this combo:
    I'm quite proud of it: it’s pretty technical and nets you OK damage if you go for it instead of setup.

    You can:
    >> :en teleport, :d:fp Net, dash, wait, b.:bp, short dash, :bp:en Bomb, short dash :fk:fk Ragdoll 35%
    You can’t do mid bomb + upper combo after it though.

    Some additional advanced combos for hungry Cyraxes to chew:
    Easier version of standard BnB (same damage):
    >> :bp:fp Net, dash, nj.:fp, dash b.:bp, short dash :bp, short dash :fp:bp:fp, AA Grab (d.f.:fp) 34% (add 3% if start with j.:fp/:bp)

    Corner meter-less Bomb starter:
    >> Any bomb, nj.:fp, b.:bp, :bp, :fp:bp:fp Net, :)fk Ragdoll or :fk:fk Saw Blade) 38%

    Holy bomb trap! Didn't know that Teleport overrides no-bomb rule after the Net. Nice find, going to test it.

    Oh I got what you meant:
    There is a stagger after net, thus you have time to plant the bomb and :bp:bp opp on it. Nice.

    Edit 2:
    Wait, the fact that you can set up an unblockable after each Net means that you can Combo > Net> Unblockable > Combo > Net > etc. , i.e. opp can escape only with the Breaker. Will test it, but if it is like that: it’s going to be fixed 100%.

    Edit 3:
    I was able to jump out of mentioned setup: stagger after the Net not a real stagger and can be overrided by player command with jump for example (thank god it can be escaped – I don’t want Cyrax to be nerfed even more). Not sure maybe I’m testing wrong setup?

  18. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    Ive been using that alot lately, its really good!
  19. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    hey man can you write those combos using the universal 1 2 3 4 system? I dont think i quite understand them in that format?
  20. cgerrr

    cgerrr Tourney id: Gfc_alekS

    Here you go:

    >> ex Teleport, d.1 Net, dash, wait, b.2, short dash, 2 ex Bomb, short dash 33 Ragdoll (df3~1+3) 35%

    >> 21 Net, dash, nj.1, dash b.2, short dash 2, short dash 121, AA Grab (df.1) 34% (add 3% if start with j.1/2)

    >> b.2, short block dash, nj.1, short dash 2, short dash 3 Net, 121 AA Grab (df.1) 28%

    Corner meter-less Bomb starter:
    >> Any bomb, nj.1, b.2, 2, 121 Net, (3 Ragdoll (df3~1+3)or 33 Saw Blade (bf2)) 38%

  21. younghou

    younghou Noob

    i test in training and you can jump out if you start with ex teleport. but you can't if you do the other set up
    sorry about the ex teleport set up my mistake
    you cant infinite because after the bomb hit you can't set up the second set up (the bomb don't comes out)
    and remenber you need do only 2 hit before the net conect ..if you do more he can jump out

    other set up i found is when you are conered you wake up attack with ragdoll ex and c.1 >net before he touch the ground now you can jn.p and set up the corner unblockeable (throphy unblockeable)

    thanks for the info guys
  22. TONY-T

    TONY-T Mad scientist

    Impressed with this one, good stuff man! Ill give it a go a bit later. :)
  23. Sprint

    Sprint Noob

    The air net bomb trap is nothing to do with the teleport.

    You can't throw bombs while the opponent is netted, but that doesn't apply when the opponent is falling from the net. The bomb is being timed such that the opponent is just starting to fall when it appears, and if they're high enough then you can recover before them.
  24. Raven3r

    Raven3r Noob

    I'm having a really hard time trying to get the net to hit after d1 from an ex teleport. Even without doing the teleport it still seems like ages for the net to come out after the d1. Am I doing something wrong?
    On top of this the ex teleport seems to launch them at slightly different heights sometimes so the d1 sometimes misses, anyone else experienced this?

    Otherwise loving the new combos and bomb setups!
  25. cgerrr

    cgerrr Tourney id: Gfc_alekS

    There are few tricks to connect things after d.1.

    In case of d.1 Net notation is:
    :en tele, wait, d+b.1, hold 1, b.3, un-hold 1 and continue combo after net connects.

    You just need to figure the timing for d+b 1 after :en tele. Hope it helps.


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