Cyrax 80% (No Reset)

Discussion in 'Cyrax' started by DoctrineDark, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Mt. Mutombo

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    Yeah just tried it the throw doesn't work
  2. VIDA

    VIDA Focused Grace and Intensity

    This is scary. I play someone offline who does the 70% reset somewhat consistently in casuals and he's going to Evo this weekend. While doing it sometimes in the tourney mite be hype for the audience, if he abuses it it mite make the game look really bad Hilde style, esp if he places high.

    If I see he makes top 8 with that 70 I'll text him to not abuse it for the sake of the community lol.
  3. Pig Of The Hut

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    Cyrax is just plain stupid
  4. Sultani

    Sultani Noob

    Only if she can teach me to stomp the yard afterwards.

    What they really need to do to Cyrax is remove the ability to use more than one enhanced bomb in the same combo, then extend the time it takes for damage to reset when the opponent hits the ground so that you can't reset damage and trap onto another bomb with net / chestaw / CG (mk3). that would make the njps slam into the ground. No one should get 2 / 3 in one combos. No one should be able to do 80% without resets. No one should have multiple ways to do 100% damage with resets.. And most importantly, no one should have to completely relearn a character's mechanics once these broken things are gone. This would satisfy all four.
  5. Sultani

    Sultani Noob

    being able to do the 70% reset consistently isn't anywhere close to good enough to place in the top 8 at Evo.

    I can do it every single time offline. I can do the 93% one too about 80% of the time. I can play and have BnB combos with every single character besides sindel and sonya. I probably couldn't crack the top 50 at Evo.
  6. PND OmegaK

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    PND OmegaK
    I can't really imagine anyone pulling this off outside of practice mode, it's far too situational.
  7. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    awesome combo!!!!! nice find man

    go for it!
  8. TrickyNick

    TrickyNick Weather Man

    Damn you cyrax :taz:
  9. VIDA

    VIDA Focused Grace and Intensity

    Im not saying he would Im just kinda saying hypothetically. He has lvled up quite alot and is a decent player, I dont think he'll make top 8 nec with the reset but Im just kinda playing around. :)

    I will be cheering for him tho.
  10. babalook

    babalook Noob

    wow this is even more impractical then his 75% bnb (not that it's hard to do just that it's hard to even land half of it without it getting broken)
  11. Maxter

    Maxter Noob

    it seems to be you dont know anything about this game, you already have 200% health or maybe more on this game, you can get to 2 breakers maybe 3 per match if u know how to build meter plus meter u build by getting damage, this is why u dont see cyrax winning tournaments because people think the damage makes him a winner, i'm a cyrax user but i'm also a cyrax destroyer because i dont play mirror matches, havent seem any cyrax beating me, if u know how to zone him out you will build those meters to break his combos while killing him , cause he doesnt do long range damage and if he make u use your meters to break combos you wont have enough health for him to do that kind of damage and you will probably build the breaker before he reaches that amount of damage, you really need skills if u wanna win a tournament with cyrax, gotta learn moe about the game mechanics and how building meter for your advantage works, now if cyrax penetrates 2 combos on you and u used your meters because you werent the one making him use his to break your combos it is because you suck and i find everyone who complaints about cyrax is not a top mk9 player, how many cyrax made it to top 8 on evo? NONE, maybe if i had made it to top 8 they would have said i got there because of him, learn how to play the game pal, no offense, no hard feelings
  12. babalook

    babalook Noob

    quoted for truth
  13. Juggs

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    Real talk!
  14. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    to be fair you cant justify 70% resets by saying 'you can build meter so its fair' also tom brady is the main man voicing his dislike for cyrax right now, and id say he qualifies as a top player.
  15. NariTuba

    NariTuba disMember

    Its futile to discuss wether a character´s damage output its excessive without talking about game balance. And game balance is an extremely complex issue. Meter management, specials, range, normals, speed, zoning options, pressure options... its endless.

    There are two reasons for Cyrax´resets to be taken out of the game, that I believe are the most solid: 1. The resets are not intended to be there 2. Cyrax doesnt need them

    As Maxter implied, you need to be on point with so many things in order to win with him. He´s just not an easy character to play, and that has always been his style.

    In order to play Cyrax correctly you need to build a good up-close pressure game without ideal normals, you need to learn to play his space control game with his net and bombs, you need to be hyper aware of both your meter and your opponents and you need to develop a defensive strategy without glorious wakeups. He´s NOT a low level entry character.

    If you become proficient in these areas, then you are a high level player, and you will still win with his 50+% combos.

    my 2 cents anyway

    PS: shoutouts to Maxter! you have a great Cyrax, learned a lot from you man!


    haha i cant wait to NRS fixs cyrax broken ass.
  17. Maxter

    Maxter Noob

    not anymore, i;m not degrading tom brady, peopel dont only beating him with cyrax but with other characters, he might have been one of the best when the game came out because ke knew more about the game than everyone else, i've played against tom and he is is one of the best out there, but still there are to many on top of him, i dotn like when he complaints sub zero bad matches against everyone, sub zero deserve major buffs on most of his abilities ive always said that , i'm a sub player and playign with my brothers we've found out all of his weakneses, subzero only works if u are on offensive, but he can be outzone and owned by most of the characters, i told him already sux zero abilities specially ice ball form long range sux at trading it does not damage and other projectiles does, freezing time dont let you catch up on time if u were knocked down because is too litle time, ground freeze is too slow, slider recovery is to long , why sub slide on block give people so a lifetime to punish him? when other abilities like kung lao spin that leads to combos recover so fast and you gotta react quick to punish? i dotn see a subzero beating with any of my chars, and of course the other chars are broken because subzero is godlike and untouchable, buff subzero and he might do better, still he needs to boost his skills and awareness at the game, i respect him as a good player and he is one of the nicest persons i've ever met, but i dotn like when he complaints so much about the game, is not professional, and doesnt do any good to the game, the game is good as it is and there is always a way around everything, sorry for my spelling.
  18. Mickael

    Mickael Noob

  19. Ninj

    Ninj Where art thou, MKX Skarlet?
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    Give me a break. If people are pulling off the highly impractical combo-after-uppercut combos on ANY character consistently, they obviously deserve to win.
  20. PND_Mustard

    PND_Mustard "More stealthful than the night"
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    explain to me how 'there is a way around' an unescapable 70% combo? that makes just as much sense as if a character had an infinite and defending it by saying 'just dont get hit, no big deal'
  21. Mickael

    Mickael Noob

    Give you a break? I asked how this is just one of 3 ways. Just asking what the other 2 ways were.
    And now for my opinion on the matter... As hard or impractical as it may be, the combo is not meant to be in the game and IS ridiculous. ...especially if there are 2 other ways to achieve 80%.

    What do you mean "Give me a break"?
    Are you gonna cry later when they remove this in a patch?
  22. babalook

    babalook Noob

    thats a terrible analogy because there are breakers in this game and you build meter while being hit so as long as you have one bar of meter you will build meter to break before he can get 36% at the very most, also it is way to soon in the game for all this kind of broken talk. There are many bad things about cyrax that most people are not aware of and he has multiple bad matchups as is.
  23. Exactly. I've mentioned plenty of his bad things but no one ever listens, they scream RESETS, NERF,BROKEN and ignore the obvious problems Cyrax has. It is what is is I suppose. I can't wait to main Freddy Krueger when he arrives. Cyrax is permanently scarred and will always be a joke in MK9 from now on, I may as well main the ultimate joke.
  24. Mt. Mutombo

    Mt. Mutombo Asshole by nature

    Even with all the hating about the resets and the damage, we're seeing a sub player, a LIU KANG player and a milleena player on evo's top 8, and none of those are top tier like cyrax is considered. What im trying to say is, that if the resets made cyrax's game so easy or such an easy character, wouldn't we see 8 cyrax players at the top 8? Thing is he not only has bad matchups, bad normals and a bad wake-up game; he's a difficult character to use. You have to be skilled and relatively intelligent to use him and manage his setups, because everyone here knows that if you're just trying to fish for resets you ain't gonna win shit. He isn't built to effortlessly dominate like reptile, kabal, lao and raiden, you actually have to work to fight off his weaknesses. I think im unbeatable with him but i also acknowledge that while his strengths are overwhelming, his weaknesses are a pain in the ass.

    But as i've said before, if they indeed patch his resets, just patch the ones with automatic damage...

  25. Couldn't have said it better myself.

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