Cyborg Match Footage Thread

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  1. The Cyborg Match footage Thread
    "I got the sonic if you got the boom"


    Since there hasn't been one posted (and trust me I waited) I thought I'd just get it started. I'm curious to see other players Cyborgs so I can pick up a few things, so please post with freedom. Any chance this thread can be sticked (@mods)?
  2. Cyborg vs. Superman

    Cyborg vs. Blue beetle

    Cyborg vs. C. Cold

    Cyborg vs. C. Cold/Dr. Fate
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  3. HiddenSelectCounterPick

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    I Am Shem
    Cyborg vs Supergirl

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  5. Cyborg vs. Batman

    -need to stop backdating after f3
    -identify areas to interrupt pressure
    -be able to punish/bait out j2 attempts better
    -improve IAFB to be done consistently in game

    Cyborg vs. Supes

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  6. DarkPage

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    hella dope to post this stuff, curious though, watched a few of them. and was wondering why you dont throw out f22 more often? thats like my whole neutral lol
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  7. I used to do it a lot, just that my training partners (DET_Blakeanator and Shiv_123 specifically) always punish me for it on whiff. I might try to incorporate it back into my game though, just need to work on my footsies.
  8. HiddenSelectCounterPick

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    I Am Shem
    A lot of matches with cyborg i got all his gear except the helmet then i sold most of it then the helmet came :)
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  9. megamonk4

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    Alright. Here's my first set of online matches.
    I need to get some offline matches recorded, because this first one makes me look like a scrub, DX.
    Hopefully I'll adjust the more I play.

    Oh and sometime tonight part 2 will be upload which is better than my first video!


    Part 2 of my rank matches

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  10. megamonk4

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    Part 3 of my ranked matches.

    This time I'm trying to apply more TA when the opponent likes to sit fullscreen against me.

    I still need to work on using up grapple as a means of defense when d2, db2 won't work. A part of me forget that I can anti-air with jump normals, but that's because I started playing competitive games with street fighter.

    Do anyone know if player matches are played in sets instead of just 1 random game? I may do those instead for future videos.
  11. megamonk4

    megamonk4 Noob

    @Protagonist_1, you have so many matches up now, lol. I have to go back and see the others. For now I decided to take a look at your set with Superman.

    Need to use footsie buttons to push him back out when they get midrange

    Remember that F22 is +2 on block. Condition player to block with d1. Once you condition them to block from d1, you can include throws/slower strings to keep them on their toes!

    Practicing IAFB is important, but don't forget to set out trait/TA as other means for zoning. Sometimes when you try those failed 3 IAFB, the same time can go to trait/TA to shift their focus into taking more chip or punishing how they avoid it.

    Ending combos into DB2 deals a lot of damage, but you may want to consider ending combos into DF2 for better offense/defense positioning.

    Having Cyborg at complete fullscreen is one of his weakest areas, imo. Reason why is because both of his fireballs when angled cannot reach the enemy whether you are grounded and is trying to hit them when they neutral jump, or they are grounded and you do IAFB.MB. It ends up being a waste of meter and it's likely the best spot for the enemy to sit at to try and lame Cyborg out if they have better options to hit him from that distance. If enemy if walking back where you're that far away, walk them towards the corner while still keeping the space that you have.
    At some point the enemy will be backed to a corner while you still can harass them with both angled zones of his fireball. And it gets stronger when you include TA/Trait for added chip damage/area denial.

    Lastly, don't forget to use Push Block. It's so good for Cyborg since he builds so much meter zoning and especially since he doesn't have the best defensive options.
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  12. I'm late, but I'm glad there is a video thread now. I've been lurking around here, and now I can contribute.
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  13. HiddenSelectCounterPick

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    I Am Shem
    Cyborg vs Batman

    A little zoning until he wised up but if they want to give us meter by ducking we can just do IAFBs and get meter and they wont get any because we can make them hit high.:cool:
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  14. megamonk4

    megamonk4 Noob

    That Batman had no idea what to do. The matchup isn't bad for him, lol.

    Friendly FYI, it's better to let them take the chip over whiffing the specials intentionally. You will gain more meter when they block it and they actually gain no meter at all unless they get hit.
    Don't forget about your trait/TA for extra zoning if they want to sit and be passive like that. They're not going to like taking all that chip and will likely try to move out of desperation, or they will be scared to take a step forward if you're placing TA in front of them.

    Good pressure in the corner, I noticed the swag jabs to show off for the mains here, lol.

    I can't speak much else on the match since it was only 1 game, but good job regardless.
  15. megamonk4

    megamonk4 Noob

    I played a FT5 against someone last night.

    BTW, sorry about the buzzing noise. I'm not sure if that happened when I was playing last night or if the replay function has a bug, but Cyborg's TA sfx breaks the first time I use it in practically every match. I'll be sure to record live matches from now on, :).

  16. HiddenSelectCounterPick

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    I Am Shem
    Hey thanks ill work more TAs in and good advice i thought it was like mkx where they get meter from blocking. Those jabs came from hrs in practice and tbh his 1s remind me of Kano :eek:
  17. Dex-starr vs. Cyborg....

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  18. megamonk4

    megamonk4 Noob

    I'm feeling so sad right now. I can do IAFB now and had so many great sets with people yesterday to show its pressure.

    Time to get on the grind today with some random ranked matches.
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  19. megamonk4

    megamonk4 Noob

    Alright part 4 of ranked matches.

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  20. megamonk4

    megamonk4 Noob

    FT10 I had this evening against a friend. I will have more sets uploaded tomorrow.

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  21. Some old footage I'm trying to get off my PS4 lol.

    Cyborg vs. Fate/Robin

    Online Ranked:

    KOTH Cyborg matches: more coming later
  22. megamonk4

    megamonk4 Noob

    FT10 vs Catwoman

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  23. Cyborg vs. Black Adam/Dr. Fate

    Cyborg vs. Dr. Fate

    Cyborg vs. Dr. Fate/Superman

    vs. Superman (one match of Batman also)

    Definitely need to work on the Superman and Dr. Fate matchup :(
  24. megamonk4

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    @Protagonist_1, you get so many matches in a day! Lol

    It's hard to keep up.

    So far I only watched your set with dr. Fate. I don't think the matchup is that bad, but it does get difficult for either character once either cyborg or date falls behind.
    Things to note:
    Don't be afraid to trade fireballs. This is one of the matchup where trades will actually go into our favor (mainly due to the damage!). And fate will need to burn meter/trait or use his healing spell to outtrade/mitigate damage.
    Cyborg can also attack from an angle fate cannot, and that's from the air.

    Once you get better at iafb, its an important tool to use to maximize on your advantage. Because now you can outdamage and potentially block his fireballs due to the recovery.

    Try to mitigate falling too far behind. If you do, it forces your hand to get in. Imo, it's better to up grapple his finger shots (sorry, don't know the notation or name lol), and it's better to mb roll through the orb attack (only if you are mid range).

    I have to finish typing this later. My phone sucks, lol.

    I'll be sure to watch superman too
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  25. Thanks for the advice, and yeah I've been uploading a lot haha. I still need to go back, rewatch the footage, and take notes so I can practice scenarios in practice mode. I'll probably do it later tonight.

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