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Discussion in 'Cyborg' started by Relaxedstate, May 16, 2017.

  1. Relaxedstate

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    Edit: I have a lot to add here which I will do when I get home from work.
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  2. So how do you guys feel about his instant airs this time around they feel strange I could do the injustice 1 ones pretty easy must just be a different timing ?
  3. SaSSolino

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    still unsure about what to play, but I guess I'll sit here for my day1 community for now.
  4. They feel different, just need to relearn the execution though

    @Relaxedstate Hit me up, I'm going in hard with this character. Here's a couple of things

    -Cyborg can cancel nova blast in MB roll
    -diagonal IAFB is his best tool imo from jump in range, can bait anti-air attempts, and is +2 on block
    -techno tackle is still stuffable despite invincibility if timed correct
    -113 on block no longer guarantees a d1, can still MBf3 in time before an 8 frame reversal
    -grapple j2 no longer links into b3
    -11*3 has a gap,
    -11 string had a gap in injustice 1. It no longer has this
    -Standing 1 is neutral on block (from -8 before)
    -d1 is -2 on block (from -2 before)
    -ground roomba is only active for certain amount of time, if you go off screen for too long it goes away
    -23 comes out in neutral, knocks 3/4ths screen, cannot be cancelled
    -112 can be techrolled
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  5. K7L33THA

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    Instant airs seem fine to me. I have the most fun with Cyborg but have some concerns with him after day 1.

    First and foremost his wakeup game is ass. Powerfist is no longer invincible and is death on block. So they want you to be using techno tackle , but its a high and has such slow startup.

    His d1 no longer being plus hurts his up close game. Also i really feel his target acquired should be overhead and trait (at least the roomba) be a low. As is everything is a mid and their is no mixups but rather just continues pressure.

    I do love the new angled fb though. Not bitching, just some stuff that stood out after playing him a good bit last night.
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  6. After playing day 1 it seems to me that NRS wants him to be a pure zoning character. His TA hits mid now, grapple j2 no longer comboing into b3, and nerfs to his pressure all point to this.

    His zoning is definitely better than before though. The DIFB (Diagonal air fireball) is pretty easy to execute and works wonders within jump distance range. I'm still working on how to incorporate his zoning with trait, but it seems after shooting someone out of the air, that's when you want to go for it. His 23 string is also a good get off me move that knocks the opponent 3/4 the screen and the full string comes out in neutral also.

    At the moment, I'm worried about what he can do vs. an opponent that can counter his zoning. Primarily, the aquaman matchup, which was a straight pain in the ass for me in the last game. No way that 100+ frame start-up roomba is coming out when getting checked with from-the-deeps. His wakeup game is arguably worse than before with techno tackle (I don't believe PF has invicibilty anymore since it can lead into a combo). So going forward, his gameplay is going to be finding ways to get the life lead and hold on to it.

    At the moment, I want to find setups with trait and/or pressure options off of it. I was messing around with MB roll yesterday off of trait stuff, but haven't found anything consistent yet. I'll keep looking though.
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  7. Sorry, I can't help myself lol
  8. Dark Chylde

    Dark Chylde KHAOTIC

    Is there a cyborg discord?
  9. Relaxedstate

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    Yeah tbh, he has some solid improvements, but largly a lot of nerfs... although it is hard to say relative to how good the rest of the characters will be.
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  10. Dark Chylde

    Dark Chylde KHAOTIC

    Can you send an invite
  11. Rager Da Prince

    Rager Da Prince I can't help my Fiction addiction.

    not really okay with power fist mb it just hurts corner combos so much.
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  12. K7L33THA

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    Anyone manage to get any good corner damage yet?
  13. Rager Da Prince

    Rager Da Prince I can't help my Fiction addiction.

    B123 xx nova blast mb xx 11 xx 113 techno tackle or power fist
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  14. Wildoom

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    I'm gonna go ahead and call cyborg shitter tier.
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  15. Rager Da Prince

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    too early man
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  16. Rager Da Prince

    Rager Da Prince I can't help my Fiction addiction.

    still need to see what his gear specials are.
  17. Wildoom

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    Isn't gear banned in competitive mode including the moves?
  18. Rager Da Prince

    Rager Da Prince I can't help my Fiction addiction.

    doesn't mean we can't compare them to his base moveset. Really just want see what other ideas they had in mind for him. Cuz he is basically the same char besides trait and up nova blast. Trait is good when you can get it out but deadshot can shot you twice for trying lol.
  19. Sketch

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    @Protagonist_1 - How do you do that? Every time I try to cancel the Nova Blast, into MB roll, I just get the MB version of Nova Blast.

    EDIT: Unless you mean charging the Nova Blaster, then cancelling it before it comes out.
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  20. Sketch

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    I really was hoping for an MB Target Acquired, where it came out faster than normal, and/or regardless of whether you got hit before the missiles came out or not.

    Cyborg is good against characters that can't out-zone him, but is useless against characters that can zone better than him. With the characters that can't out-zone him and are good at close range, then can always MB roll to close distances. Vs. Deadshot, for example, Cyborg sucks up close so even if you MB roll, you're not really saying much.
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  21. I kinda feel like cyborg is worse then he was in the first injustice could be wrong though
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  22. This video might answer your question. This setup is extremely gimmicky though, but it's all I got for now

  23. I got some ranked matches in, in some instances showing possibilities with trait. I'll upload them soon, plan to make gifs of certain instances in neutral.
  24. Here's some ranked matched footage. Still getting the hang of things, but I was trying to experiment more with MB roll as I played:

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