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General/Other - Cyber Sub-Zero Cyber Subzero Buff wishlist

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Green Arrows personal Shooty guy
Cyber Sub has been a rollercoaster of a main through the patches, although as of this one id like to say im almost satisfied...almost.

Theres something they forgot to add to him... EX BLAST ABSORBING PROJECTILEs! This should have been there by the get go, and yet i still get swiggity swecked from projectiles on this moves start up. The start up is fine but if it absorbed them i could be able to counter zone better!

With that i think hed be solid. However theres still one thing i kinda want that isnt a necessity, his ex slide to combo with scailing. Except it should use two bars/a drone to launch and only gets you a f131 slide midscreen. Sorry if this reads like a fever dream im just in a rush to finish this lol.