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Discussion in 'Comic Book & Fan-Art' started by whoozwah, May 1, 2011.

  1. whoozwah

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    I didn't like the cover for the new Mortal Kombat. It's too stereotypical orange/blue. So I decided to make my own. It's simple and classic.

    Link to full size image

    I found a neat high res image of the redesigned dragon and put it over a black background. I replaced the Netherrealm studios logo with a high res png and scaled to size and put a small outer glow on it. I downloaded a high res scan of the front/back cover, replaced the front cover art, adjusted the levels appropriately and redid the top banner gradient from scratch since it looked horrible after it was scanned. Downloaded PSN logo and scaled to size. I touched up any artifacts introduced by the scan then scaled it to the exact size of the insert.

    I think this is a nice alternative cover for those folks out there like myself that think the retail cover art is too busy or cliche. Thoughts?

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    Shit looks legit. I actually like that better than the official. Well done :)

    BOSSETTE Premium Supporter
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    Too bad you weren't here when we had the MK9 Cover Art contest. ;)
  4. whoozwah

    whoozwah Noob

    Oh wow. Didn't even realize. Bummer. Oh well, as long as people dig it then I'm happy. It looks really boss if you take it to Kinko's and get it printed out on glossy paper. :)
  5. Tim Static

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    Looks better than the official. i dont like the use of characters....the more it looks like an arcade marquee, the better.
  6. Wish that was the actual cover
  7. whoozwah

    whoozwah Noob

    It's the proper size to get printed. If you really dig it you could easily take it to kinkos and print it on glossy paper. That's what I did with it after I finished it and I think it looks killer.

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