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Strategy - Cyber Sub-Zero CSZ vs Mileena (Anti Mileena Strategy)


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Hey sup guys. I was in the lab messing with some things and I found something I think can potentially help make this MU a little better and keep this bish in the corner. Mainly talking about Piercing and Ravenous here. Lol Ethereal...

Mileena cannot wakeup vs CSZ at all in the corner. Video proof below:

Scenario 1:

You see it here. For whatever reason, Mileena's ball roll does not low profile standing 2 after a slide ender (Wakeup Low Sai will not low profile either). 21 covers both raw Ball Roll and breaks armor on EX Ball Roll. If you see yourself breaking her armor, attempt to hitconfirm for a full combo (31% meterless, 36% with drone enhance iceball). If you don't hitconfirm the string, its +17 on hit. If Mileena actually blocks, you are at +2. 213 takes care of delay wakeups, and due to the speed of the 1 in 21 string, it will be very hard for Mileena to attempt to wakeup with buttons.

EDIT: This works off his 1112 as well. So other triborg variations, specifically Sektor (since she rolls out of up missle setups) or Cyrax (idk if he has garunteed bomb setups in the corner without using EX Buzzsaw), end a combo with 1112 and you will get this same scenario.

Scenario 2:

You are plus enough after a grab to do the same exact thing as scenario 1. 21 will stuff all of her wakeups! Using 21 is the best option for conditioning since it will also break her only armor move, can full combo if hitconfirmed, and plus on block. After she is conditioned, start mixing!! This is Triborg universal so any of you other Borg players reading this, have fun.

I am not sure if this was known or not but hopefully this will be helpful to someone! Of course I don't think this is all of a sudden game changer, CSZ beats Mileena 9-1. Just hope this can help make the matchup more tolerable to play if you can get her to the corner.
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Cyrax can do the same thing: regular saw - micro-run - 2,1 :D
So Cyrax has a way to take advantage of this as well?! That is great to hear! Make a video about it and post it in the Cyrax forums. Inform the rest of the Triborg players! Once you do, link to my thread and I will put a link to yours in the OP. :)