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Cross Up Problems...

I've been learning how to play Sektor recently (inspired by Julian's videos) and I've got to the "I'm decent with him" point. The one area I have problems with is when people constantly do cross-ups.

Normally what happens is the following...

Cross-up => Run-jab => Cross-up => Run-jab or part of an autocombo etc... I end up holding a crouch block until I can find an escape or I just eat a jump kick to back myself up.

Is there an effective counter with Sektor for cross-ups???
You're really good with Sektor, first one I ever had trouble with in ranked. For crossovers, you can SUJK right as they leave the ground, which would probably be the best option for Robots as their Uppercut is iffy. I don't play too much with aaJKs, but if you can pull that off, you can link a TP with that and do your normal roundhouse - homing missle.


If you can scout the crossup you can probably even go for teleport uppercut, but I'm not sure how safe that would be. Something I usually do is time a runaway. Right as they start to jump for the crossup start running to get out from underneath them. Something along those lines.

Julian's Sektor is so much fun to watch against a good Kabal.


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sujk for crossover? LOL

just uppercut, robots have one of the best uppercuts for crossovers and crossover jks