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    So we all know with mkx the fgc has become more esports with the newer players even using the term pro for top players this has come about because of the online tournament ESL which is sponsored by Microsoft. With the potential release of cross platform capabilities possibly coming soon (article i found with a microsoft quote: ) this got me to thinking in the future as Sony have yet to make a decision in say injustice 2 or whatever game is out in the year that this god sent will available, will we be able to have an esl-like online tournament with ggpo on ps4 and xbl? This would be great as i know most of the tournament players were heated that it was on xbox and not the tournament standard ps4 which they had bought and practiced on. what are your guys thoughts? i think this would be godly
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    No. ESL is sponsored by Xbox. So unless that changes, there is no chance. Xbox, or whomever has sponsorship w/ ESL, won't give up any of it to another console.

    But i don't think people realize exactly how this cross platform online is going to work. It's not going to be every single game, and it's not going to be easy to do it even on a small scale. It's great news, but this generation of consoles will only be a BETA of sorts, a stepping stone etc.

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