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Creating new local scene (NJ and NYC area)

We're looking to start a local scene in the area, and we want to get a head start leading into Mortal Kombat 11.

We're getting the ball rolling with our first local event. We're keeping the cost pretty much at a minimum and would love to get as many people interested going into the new cycle (Mortal Kombat 11)

Would love anyone's support and feedback, as I've posted the link on the tournament and events forum page here: https://testyourmight.com/threads/mortal-kombat-new-jersey-03-09-2019-tournament.68112/

Thanks! Don't be shy to just say hi!


Confused Thanagarian
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Imma front page this stuff tomorrow, but I'll probably be able to make these. I live in Newark, so that's not much of a walk
That's awesome! Would love it if you came out, we're also trying to do an "unofficial" barcade gathering either before or after the event. (They have a UMK3 cabinet there along with alot of great arcade games)

Lt. Boxy Angelman

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Bumping because I hope you guys have all the success. I'm in Pelham Bay Park, in dire need of an offline scene/gang of pals to train with, with a mighty hope in my spooky tummy that the scene in Gotham can surpass the heights of its former glory.


I'm like 25 minutes from you in Bayside. If you know of anything, I'd probably be down once in a while. Life usually keeps me busy, but I escape to play some games whenever I can. =)