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Create Your Third Variation

Hey Everyone!

I'm super curious to know what you would create as your character's third variation. Try to keep with the current convention of not reusing moves that are in other tournament variations.

Kitana - Twisted Empress
Low Fan Toss
Edenian Twist
Downward Fan Toss

EDIT: Marlow suggested naming it! Great idea.
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Eddy Wang

Skarlet scientist
Then mine's called PERIOD!

@Eddy Wang Curious to see what your third variation would be ;)
The one you put its what i was using in the beta, which are her 3 strongest moves, i named it Kunoichi back then.

All other moves she has are boring and not really that interesting, like damage boost from blood rain, blood aura to defend and to turn her into a noxious version of reptile. Skarlet used to be techinical, and its really that hard to translate that with the current moveset ouside of frame traps that jail into combos or throws.

If you are really curious, i would give her:
Red Rain
Red Aura (If it didn't conflit with Blood Tentacle) But since it conflicts its a solid no.

Otherwise all of her others moves don't have much of an intersting combination

Blood Clot kills blood trail, which isn't worth it
Red Aura, kills blood tentacle which isn't worth it
all other bf4 moves are slow as hell and are not on sub-par with siphon or teleport
dbf1 which is the move we have on Heart Pierce is so trash we never know its there.


Curses in moose
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Cassie - For more combo options
Low gunshot
Air Bullet Barrage
Shoulder Charge

Kano - For crazy damage
Vege-Mighty or Snake Bite
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Raiden - Adebalae
Jo Push
Super Bolt

Shang Tsung - Gang's All Here

Sub-Zero - Xerox
Rising Ice
Arctic Trap

Noob Saibot - Tobias Boon
Sickle Toss
Sickle Snag
Air Sickle Port


Beers, grabs & dropped combos
Vege Mighty
Bio Magnetic Pull

It's not the most efficient, but really different from the other two variations and centered around anti-zoning & spacing, while being able to whiff/block punish up-close for decent damage. Let me quote one of my posts in a Kano subforum:
Well, I gave Optic Blast+Bio-Pull+VegeMighty another try, and I really want it being tournament legal.
It has a really different flavour than Ripper and it could be a good option for some match-ups .

Some strenghts I've seen so far:
  • Decent zoning combining optic blast and up-kanoball (with vege-mighty).
  • Good anti zoning combining optic blast and Vege-Mighty (plus air-kanoball and F3, that he already has in his base move list)
  • He gains an 8 frames punisher with 11xxBio-Pull for a full combo.
  • Only one less KB than Ripper, being the new one very good (optic blast KB), better than the two we would lose.
  • Bio-Pull is a good whiff punisher and seems to have some potential as a positioning tool (I have used it to finish some combos into oki), but it would be better if it were a restanding.
  • Last but not least, it is very fun.
I have my fingers crossed in hope that NRS make it real.
EDIT: I name all my variations after songs. This one is named Built to Last.
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Invincible Salads

Seeker of knowledge
Shao Kahn: WHAM!
Dark priest
Hammer Toss

Shang Tsung: Shake & Bake
Ground Skulls

Shang Tsung: Guess Who?!
Corpse Explosion



Optic Blast

Shang Tsung:

Force Lift
Soul Swap (can replace with Reptile Slide if you want)
Vile Sorcery


Alpha Tarkatan - Moderator
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Blade charge (still kinda feel baraka without blade charge so weird even with the cg)
Leg kebob

And either punchwalk or the war banner charge, prob prefer the charge

Hed has limited combos but would have mix and access to damage within kbs of those abilities.

War banner bash/low flag move i hope dont end up in his 3rd anyway



Ex Corpse


Chem burn
Lumbar check
Vege mighty


Pole vault
Air glaive
Blazing nitro kick


Shadow Slide
Shadow Dive
Spirit Ball


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I want to make one for Raiden called "Staff Infection" focusing mainly on his staff based moves, but I can't figure out which ones to go with yet. But I got the name, which is obviously the only thing that matters.
Kano ('ello, baby)
Snake Bite
Lumbar Check

Noob (DancingW/Myself)
Sickle Snag
Shadow Portals
Shadow Slide

Kabal (Wheezer)
Rolling Buzzsaw
Hook Grab
Extended Hook

Shang Tsung (Sorcerer Supreme)
Force Lift
Corpse Explosion
Vile Sorcery