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  1. CrazyFingers


    Welcome back! It's been awhile but the patch has come and gone and the meta has settled a decent amount so I figured why not get back into the thick of it with a new tier list! We're doing things a little differently this time however. Most of you are probably used to the typical letter grade system for tier lists (S, A, B, C, D etc.) however I decided I'm going to shake it up a little bit! So in this tier list, I'll be using a number system (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 etc.) This way there's not dispute over what it means to be S tier or A tier and so on and so forth. Here you will understand Tier 1 is the best of the best, Tier 2 is just barely Tier 1, etc etc. So without further ado, here's the list! Each tier is now in order from strongest to weakest!

    Tier 1
    Jacqui Briggs (Full Auto)
    Triborg (Sektor)
    Shinnok (Impostor)
    Jason (Unstoppable)
    Ermac (Mystic)
    Scorpion (Hellfire)
    Mileena (Piercing)
    Triborg (Smoke)
    Liu Kang (Dragon's Fire)
    Sub-Zero (Grandmaster)

    Tier 2
    Quan Chi (Sorcerer)
    Mileena (Ravenous)
    Jason (Relentless)
    Mileena (Ethereal)
    Takeda (Ronin)

    Sonya Blade (Demolition)
    Raiden (Displacer)
    Liu Kang (Flame Fist)
    Predator (Hish-Qu-Ten)
    Shinnok (Boneshaper)

    Tremor (Aftershock)
    Tremor (Crystaline)
    Tanya (Pyromancer)
    Takeda (Lasher)
    Takeda (Shirai Ryu)
    Kano (Cutthroat)
    Kano (Commando)
    Tremor (Metallic)
    Jacqui Briggs (Shotgun)
    Quan Chi (Summoner)
    Cassie Cage (Hollywood)
    Tanya (Kobu Jutsu)
    Tanya (Dragon Naginata)
    Kitana (Royal Storm)
    Kitana (Assassin)
    Kenshi (Possessed)
    Jason (Slasher)
    Reptile (Nimble)
    Reptile (Noxious)
    Reptile (Deceptive)
    Kitana (Mournful)
    Scorpion (Ninjitsu)
    D'vorah (Swarm Queen)
    Ferra/Torr (Ruthless)
    Goro (Dragon Fangs)
    Cassie Cage (Brawler)
    Alien (Acidic)

    Sonya Blade (Special Forces)
    Bo Rai'Cho (Dragon's Breath)
    Goro (Tigrar Fury)
    Kotal Kahn (Sun God)
    Kung Jin (Shaolin)
    Raiden (Thunder God)
    Ermac (Spectral)
    Kung Jin (Ancestral)
    Ermac (Master of Souls)
    Sonya Blade (Covert Ops)
    Kung Lao (Tempest)
    Kung Lao (Buzzsaw)
    Ferra/Torr (Vicious)
    Triborg (Cyber Sub-Zero)
    Sub-Zero (Unbreakable)
    Bo Rai'Cho (Bartitsu)

    Tier 3
    Alien (Konjurer)
    Jacqui Briggs (High Tech)
    Kano (Cybernetic)
    D'vorah (Brood Mother)
    Goro (Kuatan Warrior)
    Leatherface (Killer)
    Leatherface (Butcher)
    Kotal Kahn (War God)
    Jax (Wrestler)
    Jax (Pumped Up)

    Predator (Hunter)
    Shinnok (Necromancer)
    Sub-Zero (Cryomancer)
    Liu Kang (Dualist)
    Erron Black (Gunslinger)
    Triborg (Cyrax)
    Alien (Tarkatan)
    Kung Jin (Bojutsu)
    Raiden (Master of Storms)
    Cassie Cage (Spec Ops)
    Johnny Cage (Fisticuffs)
    Johnny Cage (A-List)

    Quan Chi (Warlock)
    Kenshi (Balanced)
    Johnny Cage (Stunt Double)
    Kung Lao (Hat Trick)
    Scorpion (Inferno)
    Kotal Kahn (Blood God)

    Tier 4
    Bo Rai'Cho (Drunken Master)
    D'vorah (Venomous)
    Leatherface (Pretty Lady)
    Erron Black (Marksman)
    Kenshi (Kenjutsu)
    Ferra/Torr (Lackey)
    Predator (Warrior)
    Jax (Heavy Weapons)
    Erron Black (Outlaw)

    Well! That's the tier list! Go find your character(s) and tell me how wrong I am! Cheers!
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  2. tafka Djinn

    tafka Djinn One for three off the roof

    Okay, so I'm curious as to what puts Ancestral and Thunder God in the same tier as HQT. Are their MU charts really comparable at this point in time? I'll say that I feel like Ancestral is kinda slept on, but I want to know if a MU chart evaluation of them is so different from tool strength evaluation in those cases.
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  3. CrazyFingers


    Okay so thunder god basically (as far as i know) has the same matchup chart as Displacer minus matchups with zoners being slightly worse than Displacer (and don't know if you know this but Displacer has a pretty good MU chart from my understanding) Ancestral might be a character I need to take another look at but like you said, i feel like he's slept on as a really solid counter zoner. Freezing low arrow low profiles a lot of zoning and lands him a really good trade, which helps in matchups that involve zoning wars. On the other side of the spectrum, he also has very good zoning himself with fire arrow which gives characters without projectiles/bad ways to get in a harder time which rounds out his MU chart pretty well imo.
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  4. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR The ire of the Starf!

    How is Dragon Naginata in the same tier as Kobu and Pyro? It's much weaker.
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  5. ismael4790

    ismael4790 Stay focused or get Caged

    Agree with Cage placements.

    Balanced should be in the same tier than Kenjutsu imo.

    Finally someone putting Sorcerer where it belongs.
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  6. CrazyFingers


    It's not MUCH weaker. It's got matchups where it strives extremely well in (Example it bodies mileena) and to my knowledge there aren't a ton of characters that really control that matchup entirely.
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  7. CrazyFingers


    I feel like Balanced actually at least has tools that it can use...while Kenjutsu doesn't exactly fit in that category with a shitty push and being absurdly meter intensive with no really good way to build it. At least Balanced can actually space out which helps in some matchups (Like Pyro Tanya, imo Balanced actually beats Pyro) and Kenjutsu doesn't really HAVE many if any winning matchups.
  8. myri

    myri Time Warrior

    Are you kidding me mate? What the fuck.

    You put all my characters in their correct placement damn son. Nice work.
  9. CrazyFingers


    I'd like to think when it comes to this game i know what i'm talking about. i might only have average skill but my evaluation of characters feels pretty on point most of the time (sometimes however i make a big dumb idiot of myself xD)
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  10. SpecOps2013

    This is an accurate tier list although I still have some disagreements. Nice job.
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  11. CrazyFingers


    What disagreements? Share!
  12. ismael4790

    ismael4790 Stay focused or get Caged

    If he's at the end of tier 3 when you order them, we agree lol :p

    Balanced beated Pyro prepatch, now it's the other way around imo. She has extreme mobility, actually much better zoning than him, scary armor, and Balanced antiair power is weakened since last patch and has to base on reads to do it here. No exrk.

    Thing is Kenjutsu lost armor launcher but at least got safe 50/50s for a bar in exchange. Push is worse, but that pushback make it far from shit.
    Balanced got no new tools to help to reinforce a new gameplan as compensation for exkarma loss. Overhead slash is very slow and expush was safe anyway prepatch, -1.
  13. SpecOps2013

    Lasher should be perhaps dropped a tier. He is good but not the absolute best in MKX. Demolition should be dropped a tier or two. The grenade nerfs really hurt her and she has no longer access to the corner reloading combos that was possible prepatch. I don't see Ninjutsu and Hellfire being placed together too. I mean Ninjutsu is good but should be dropped below Hellfire. Perhaps in a tier 1.5 or smth. Otherwise, this tier list is very accurate.
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  14. CrazyFingers


    Reason Lasher is so high is, who does he lose to? Like honestly, who are his terrible matchups? He does quite well against a lot of the cast and imo he doesnt out right lose to any character in the game.
  15. NHDR

    NHDR Noob

    IMO but I think Commando is just as good as Cutthroat.

    -Safe specials, good range on 22 (also safe)
    -Same projectile game as CT
    -Better AA options than CT, maybe the best AA options in the whole game
    -Great armored grabs
    -Some of the best wake-up defense in the game
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  16. CrazyFingers


    I was on the fence with Commando, i'll have to think on this one!
  17. tafka Djinn

    tafka Djinn One for three off the roof

    Oh trust me, I know that Displacer is a real boy lol. TG however has drastically weaker pressure, a diminished midscreen presence, and is a stamina management nightmare. I don't agree with Goonie's bottom 5 claim, but I just don't see him doing well against enough of the cast for him to be in the same tier as HQT Pred, DF Liu, GM Sub, or HF Scorp. Guess it's not so much that he's misplaced within his tier, but that there's a point between the first two tiers maybe?
  18. thlityoursloat

    thlityoursloat but you didn't have to cut me off!

    Cybernetic Kano higher up than Commando. :s
    Granted, they're both on top of each other but still... Commando is far better.
  19. CrazyFingers


    His pressure isn't THAT much weaker. Seriously how much did he rely on his cancels for plus frames? He has enough stamina to sustain the pressure he did before. EX Vicinity Blast has given him something for opponents to respect so his staggers have become much better and his meterbuild is ABSURD. Just look at a TG's meter when he's fighting. Seriously. You'll be disgusted. And his setplay is top 10 easy. Character is super underrated right now.
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  20. CrazyFingers


    They're not in any particular order, cyber and commando are in the same tier :p
  21. big j gleez

    big j gleez Mains: Not Sure Right Now ...

    I think it is a pretty good list honestly. I would move Mileena to Tier 1 though. I also would move covert ops to tier 3. Overall though I think the list is pretty solid for the most part.
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  22. Temetias

    Temetias "MKX kid"

    Good list!

    Just curious why Mileena isn't in tier 1? Piercing and etheral have pretty much every tool possible in game and don't lose any matchups really.
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  23. JGillette

    JGillette The universe depends on what I can remember of it

    Hell no, naginata is still good, i think you meant kobu
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  24. SaSSolino

    SaSSolino What's even the point without hellsparks?

    It's a good list, yep yep.

    Jason is broken, Impostor is broken, Bone Shaper is very good but not top... yeah, everything checks out.

    Besides Hellfire, he should be top tier free.
  25. CrazyFingers


    They're all equally good in different ways.

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