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Couple of on-tournament noob-saibot matches.

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Hey guys,

Fighting Games Challenge is a tournament that takes places in Poland every single year. It's - as the name would suggest - a fighting games tournament.

This year we had the pleasure to be a part of Mortal Kombat 11's "The Interkontinental".

Due to the fact that the official statement was very late we did not have a lot of time to gather players, but we had some faces from abroad that you would recognize - such as RZA or Nivek.

That's the quick summary.

What I wanted to do is to share with my shadow brothers a couple of games I had played in the TOP8. It's in the archive of the FGC's twitch. Link down below:

!DISCLAIMER! I know I made mistakes and I still do. This is just to share. I can understand consctructive criticism, but don't be rude.


My games timestamps:

the game against my sparring partner Frizen

another match against Liu Kang - this time it's the french player WIP | WhiteBl4ck

my last game on-stream - against the winner himself - Nivek.

I was lucky enough to have the commentary of RZA's which made the whole thing so much more hype.

For the people interested in how the tournament went, down below link to the smash.


Thanks and enjoy.
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