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Could Motaro return as a non-playable sub-Boss?


Thrill Kill
Back in the MK9 days I remember people saying Motaro was not viable because of the bone structure of the character and how difficult it'd be to implement X-Ray attacks on him and so on.

But then in MK11 we got Kronika. And she functions very similarly to the original MK3 Motaro.

-She is immune to Fatal Blows
-She is immune to throws and many special moves
-Her mobility relies heavily on teleporting

So you wouldn't need to think "how can we make this Fatal Blow work on Motaro?" simply because he won't be affected by it.

His special moves could be:
-Fireball, shot from the tip of the tail, diagonal trajectory.
-Grab and punch.
-A straight fireball?
-Tail sweep.

I'm thinking about the potential size of the character and in relation to the screen size I don't think it's problematic, really. He doesn't have to take a third of the screen.

I think it's fine to have a non-playable boss/sub-boss character that breaks the rules of the game. After all it's just single player content, and he wouldn't be available on multiplayer/tournaments so that's not a detriment.

What do you guys think?
In mkx Goro was the sub boss and a playable pre order character.
In mk11 Shao Kahn was a pre order character and just a tower encounter.
I think Shang Tsung is the sub boss in MK1.