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Cosplay Skins for Cassie & Jacqui: Sub, Scorpion AND Rain, H.Smoke

Tim Static

In case you didn't know or realize yet, the cosplay skins for Cassie & Jacqui say Sub-Zero & Scorpion, but choosing the P2 color for each turns Cassie's Sub-Zero into Rain, and Jacqui's Scorpion into H.Smoke. Nothing big or breaking, but just a reminder. Check out the screenshots I took last night:




Plus on block.
Yeah, these were in one or two of the initial MKXL trailers.

Also, H. Smoke was never that shiny, if you catch my drift.


Is Cassie's P2 pink, or am I color blind? lol
Yeah that is definitely pink and not purple, magenta at most.


Plus on block.
Yea that pic is really bright. Not sure why, but you get the drift.
It's not just your pic.

Pick that version of that costume and go to any stage. The Kove would probably be the best example point.

She shines brightly. Compare the shine of the material on it and compare it to the the both of Cassie's and her own P1 color.

It's a Khrome costume.

I'm not surprised seeing as how folk data-mined the game a while back and found all the holiday tower rewards, with a Khrome background being one of them.

I mean, you can even tell by her pants, which are a metallic shiny grey and not black(though she has some black arm straps on and the lower part of her shirt inside of her vest is as well, and the most obvious, the big black stripe on top of her shiny grey cowl)

unlike MK2 Smoke:

NRS are silly people.
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I always thought alt colors were for chrome (shining silver, check april fools tower background) and "pink ninja" archetype (Rain is purple Cassie's alt looks more like pink).