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Discussion in 'Sub-Zero' started by low_kix, May 17, 2011.

  1. low_kix

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    I was wondering what the best ways to apply pressure to an opponent in the corner. 2, 2, 4 works great mid-screen, but in the corner you don't have the option to ice clone on block

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  2. Mechacide

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    From there, you can hit-confirm the 2 for cancelling into Ice Clone on block, or hit-confirm the 4 for cancelling into Ice Blast on hit. If it hits, the combo I follow-up with is: b+2 (fastest possible), 2,2,2. It only does 31% but it causes enough recovery time for the opp that you can safely Ice Clone to continue corner-pressure.
  3. low_kix

    low_kix Noob

    Holy crap the clone comes out on block! (I just tested this in training because I didn't believe you.) That's pretty awesome. I've been using NJ to pressure on opponent wake up in corner because it avoids a lot of wake up attacks and can lead to a devastating combo. Ill have to start mixing these up. Thanks man

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  4. low_kix

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    Try this...

    2,1,4,freeze,b+2,2,2,slide = 32%

    2,1,4,freeze,2,1,4,slide = 37%

    A safe 37% combo..... my subz just got that much better thanks to this teamwork of ours :D

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  5. low_kix

    low_kix Noob

    ...add an xray to the end its 52%. (Sorry for so many posts I'm just discovering all this stuff as I type)

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  6. Mechacide

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    Yeah, there are more damaging combos, but when you end with slide the opp can recover almost instantly, meaning you don't have enough time to safely get your Ice Clone out. That's why you end with 2,2,2.

    Side-note: It may be possible to interrupt Sub before the 2 and 4 in 2,1,2_4, but I don't know for sure. Even if it is, you can still HC 2,1 into Ice Clone or finish the string and freeze if it hits.

    By the way, Batman rules, and that quote rules even more.
  7. low_kix

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    Yea, I was really just exploring my options. Even tho sub is my main I don't get much chance to test all this stuff out, with the broken online and all

    Hell yes batman rules. Some douche sent me a message that I should remove the quote because it annoyed him, haha

    428 days until the dark knight rises if you're curious :D

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