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Video/Tutorial Corner cat dash stuff


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Hey guys, so as a pre cursor to this vid I just want to say this is my first time posting a vid tutorial for anything on TYM. If this is already known, I'm not trying to steal anyone's thunder, I came up with this on my own, and I know this is technically flawed. It can be tech rolled, they can do a wake up to stuff, and doesn't work on big hitbox characters (Grundy, bane, doomsday, lex) but I think it works on everyone else (tested on Lobo, AM, WoWo, BA)

In my vid I didn't do max dmg combos, so feel free to elaborate on the set ups prior to the corner cat dash to maximize dmg. Basically because the corner stops CW from going anywhere on a cat dash, it allows us to cross over during the fall animation when we hit with a cat dash (during a juggle). The three set up options I show in the vid is a regular cross up with f112, then a b12d3 (which is a low I know but good mind games if you've already used this cross up before) and a MB f3 which is a great follow up if you are looping this cross up (once you land it the first time to stuff an attempted wake up the second time around)

The last part of the vid is something I do with a health lead because it is a quick reaction oki attempt. It is bad in the fact it can be stuffed by a wake up, takes you out of the corner, and puts your back to the corner. But it can be worth it for good dmg. Again I didn't maximize dmg in the combo.

Please feel free to comment and give me feed back on how to improve not only the set up, but the presentation of the video.

Warning: I posted music with my vid like a scrub. You might want to turn off the sound.

P.s. Sorry about the vid quality, watch on youtube, it looks better

GGA 16 Bit