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Contemplating RAGE... (Arts & Drives)

Azarashi Elder

I've been watching a lot of Tekken 7 lately.

That's mostly due to the Green Tekken channel on Twitch, but I recently started catching up to what happened at the last EVO tournament. One of the things that caught my interest was the Rage Art & Drive mechanics in the game.

In many other fighters, there is a secondary bar (or meter) that gives a player access to additional offensive and defensive options. A significant part of the strategy in the match, is managing this resource effectively. However, in this version of Tekken at least, that isn't a thing. From what I can tell, Arts & Drives are unlocked at a specific (low) life total, and I assume that the less life you have, the more damage they do.

So they're comeback mechanics, but ones that you will always have access to, when you need them. There is no need to worry about an additional resource, but you also can't take advantage of an opponent, who would use an additional resource incorrectly. With that in mind, are the Rage mechanics better or worse than a traditional super?

I'm very interested in what you guys think about this.