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Consumables - how do they work? Why or when to use them?


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I honestly do not know.

Please answer the best you can. Others can then vote for the best answer in this thread.

EDIT: okay, so...
"Konsumables are rewards that can be earned while playing various game modes that can be used in Towers to and you in Kombat."

Still... I'm not super clear on what they are and the best time to use them?

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Hey Storms! So just before the fight, while looking at the tower, press square. You can choose up to 3 consumable which can be used in 1 fight (infinitely with recharges) plus 1 that can be used for the whole tower if you go left. Each konsumable you select will only consume once per match no matter how many times you use it in the match.

To actually use the consumable, you gotta move the right analog stick. If you use more than one, each consumable will require a different direction (either up, down etc.)

Hope this helps!


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Also on the tower before the fight starts, to the right it should tell you which modifiers the computer will be using. You can use this info to better choose your consumable, though some consumable are simply rubbish and some are awesome. The healing ones are good, armoured ones aren't as the armour lasts like 3 seconds but the cooldown is about 40