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Consistent Instant Air Guide

You can get hitbox levels of consistency instant airs on PS4 by following these steps.

1. Go to settings.
2. Accessibility.
3. Button assignments.
4. Switch the left and right analog sticks.

I don't know how widely this is known because I've only seen it brought up a few times on this website but I figured somebody should make a thread on it.

tafka Djinn

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Just make sure to switch it back, or like @Mikemetroid says it's gonna be a bad time.
Honestly though they're so loose I don't even see a reason to switch them in this game.

John Grizzly

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Premium Supporter
Shouldnt the next person change it back? Isnt the next person responsible for their own buttons?
No. This is above and beyond a button config. This is changing the native functions of the controllers themselves. It's not something that should be the responsibility of the next person to play, in my opinion.


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There's no way to do this on the Xbox, is there? It's not in the controller presets menu.