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Breakthrough Congratulations to Revolver (Lex Luthor) for placing top 3 at the most stacked local since EVO

Take a look at ur comments about gl, I am not the only one who has noticed. B. Stop criticizing events, I know I and others would not hate on an event, dat crap hella annoying and pointless.
You say take a look at my comments about GL and i did and see nothing wrong. Im sorry i hated on SCR im not in a good mood right now Xbox just broke today...


Filthy Casual
Big props go out to Revolver for overcoming the odds with an "absolute shitter" and placing top 3 at a stacked local/regional. Even though he failed in his duty to save us all from Martian he still commands respect and has joined the ranks of PPJ, BD Mao, Wonder Chef and NYC Fab as one of the top Lex Luthors in the country. Give your props in this thread please.

It is great to see hard work pay off. Inspiration for everyone that is struggling to level up, working on tournament nerves or plays an unconventional character.
I was beginning to wonder if Revolver could even get Lex out of his suit.
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