Congratulations to EchoFox THEO (First Attack) & Madzin (Celtic TD) for Winning their events today!

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    There was a lot of Injustice 2 action going on this weekend. While East Coast Throwdown is happening in the states today, we also had First Attack happening in Puerto Rico and Celtic Throwdown happening in Dublin, Ireland.

    Both of these events are IPS Ranking events for their respective areas.

    • Echo Fox THEO attended First Attack in Puerto Rico where he took the win over DR Gross in Grand Finals.
    1. Theo winning tweet
    2. EchoFox's clip of Top 3 ceremony where THEO says a few words in Spanish
    3. Top 8 Bracket, click here.
    • Madzin from Germany attended Celtic Throwdown in Dublin, Ireland where he also took 1st place over ED|Rudi (Red Hood)
    1. Madzin tweet

    We'd like to congratulate both, Echo Fox @EMPEROR_THEO & @Madzin on their victories! It's great to see so much Injustice 2 competitive action going on and from all parts of the globe!

    Celtic Throwdown results credit: EventHubs
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Discussion in 'Tournament & Event Aftermaths' started by STORMS, Sep 3, 2017.

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