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General/Other Congrats to Tom Brady for making Top 8


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There should be more

Plus I love the idea of Tom acting out trident rush

And if he wins WB I want someone to give him the Gatorade bath so he can act out trait lol

That'd be awesome
I wanna see it go in order: 1. Tom is attacked 2. Tom is doused in gatorade and blocks the remainder of the string 3. Tom uses a spork to act out MB trident rush and wins on IRL chip damage

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s/o to zyphox and his top 3 position !!ALL THAT SHIT ABT ZYPHOX NOT BEING FLASH OF AMERICA CAN SHUT THAT SHIT RIGHT NOW!! congrats to everyone including the most hated TOM BRADY FOR PLACING TOP 8!!


Gratz Tom! Awesome games man...im also one of the not so well known members of this community, but a fan of yours since the beggining. Keep it up :)


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Does anyone have the full list of people he beat in the tournament?

All I can remember is Limbodawg, Zyphox (the 1st time), and Viking305.