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Although, it seems like Circa Destroyer didn't know that matchup too well as he was not challenging the f44 SS

Alright RyRy

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always block low vs Goro.


Good stuff man. It would be interesting to record a set vs you elite if you are interested in that.

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Terrible times breed terrible things, my lord.
The FOREVER clan is still in effect. Congrats man. You showed everyone that that variation and character is extremely legit and your skills showed the world what hard work and sound mental fundamentals are required from that character.

Enjoyed all your matches.


But thank you all! I'm still lost for words that I made top 4 and the amount of support I got for my performance.
I just made kang history
@Bruno-NeoSpace @ROG Moonspell thanks for the thread man
Dude you earned it, we all saw the hard work you put into that character from your performance and well, for me personally, our casual sets :p. Anyway, really good stuff bro, IMO you made that tourney stand out on another level.


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watching the Elite fight against destroyer, i kept thinking the following phrase:

"He has SOLVED dualist"

Dualist is like a puzzle that takes an unusual amount of time and dedication to solve. especially the timing of those red orb reset shananigans at the end of long combos. good stuff.


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I'm calling bullshit. You must've only watched GFs. This was an incredible Top 8, if you don't agree you're blind. Yes, Acidic vs. Tarkatan, particularly between Fox and Dragon, which we've seen a lot, isn't exactly the hypest set, but there's a lot more to the story than that set.

In the first four games of Top 8 we saw 8 DIFFERENT VARIATIONS. Top 8 saw Ethereal, Dualist, Acidic, Tarkatan, Sun God, Mystic, Shirai Ryu, Dragon's Fire, Flame Fist, Dragon Naginata, Ravenous, Slasher, Spectral, and I believe I'm leaving something out.

There were several really hype sets in Top 8, and this attitude that because Sonic Fox won with Acidic that it was anti-hype is horseshit. Fox played Shotgun, Dragon Naginata, Hollywood, Acidic, and maybe something else on his way to the top.

This game is undoubtedly flawed, has questionable mechanics/meta in some regards, etc. but this narrative that the game is just 100% dominated by a couple variations is total nonsense. If Sonic Fox wasn't in the equation, this would probably the most competitive, unpredictable game in the FGC. However, we just happen to have an incredibly dominant player that mops and for a lot of people takes the drama out of the outcome.

There are broken characters, there are some bad matchups, but you can't deny that there are something like a dozen or more variations (at least) that can realistically compete and win tournaments if in the right hands. Probably closer to 2 dozen.

PROPS to Elite, dude, seriously, never seen anything like your Dualist and that shit brought the hype. Congrats on a great showing man.