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General/Other Congrats KT SMITH

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Big props to one of the best smoke players out there as well as one of the coolest guys

I'm making this thread to acknowledge a Player who stream after stream tournament after tournament has gotten better each time. players like this inspire me as a player and a year after the game's release he's pushing everyone he plays to the limit

Props to you and congrats on placing top 8 at one of mk's most anticipated and competitive tournament


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KT Smith was more unexpected to get top 8 than Curbo was IMO. NO ONE had him in their top 8 list. Congrats on proving to everyone you're among the best Mr. Smith! Also, awesome Smoke!


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To me, KTsmith is the only Smoke i enjoy watching. It amazes me how entertaining he is with such a dumb character

HD Smoke

Hell Yeah KT deserves this. Has put some much time into Smoke and always helps out the Smoke community. KT and CDjr are the reason people say Smoke is so good IMO.


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yep, KT Smith plays very agressively with Smoke, and has a very good footsie game too .... he uses well Smoke invisibility, and play very quick , using good resets and corner pressure ..... one of the best Smoke players so far, indeed.