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Confetti Arcade UMK3 Tourney results

AREZ God of War

The Crazy BeastMaster
A small local I attended w/ 10 entrants that was held on cabinet. I joined to support it, but I'm not a stick-player. Mad props to Mike for winning 1st again at his second local and Rin for placing high tonight and previously for making top 8 at Winter Brawl 6 in Philadelphia. Special Thanks to Chuck and Confetti Arcade for hosting.

What I expected to be a quick mow-down by Rin and Mike ended up being a 4 hour event that strayed from our normal double-elimination and went Round-Robin instead. There was even a show down for 5th place which ended as a tie of wins for A-J and Adam AFTER the "final matches" of the tournament itself. Ironically there was a 2nd "play-off" for 9th and 10th place since both entrants tied. I think my numbers are correct, but I could be wrong for the W/L on the last 2 or 3. Top3: Mike finished at 9-0, AREZ God of War 8-1, Rin 7-2. Mike was the only person I lost to, and we both were the only people Rin lost to.

Mike 1st 9-0
AREZ God of War 2nd 8-1
Rin Andrechentov 3rd 7-2
Joe-MK 4th 6-3
Aj 5th 6-4
Adam 6th 5-5
Sal 7th 4-5
Justin 8th 3-6
Spanky 9th 3-7
Joe K 10th 1-9