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Comprehensive 1-10 skill chart. Rate yourself or others or just refer to it for fun.


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Ok this is a little read iv worked on here and there. Simple 1-10 with 10 being the best as it relates to personal skill. Just a fun way to place yourself and others in a FG. Think of it as a small contribution from me to this great community.

1. FIRST TIMER- Never played. Understands the concept of a video game and a controller. Blocking is a 4letter word. If you land a spear its like youv wont the superbowl.

2. TERRIBLE- Not experienced with FG but may have played a couple times. Can chuck a fireball or two. Often loses to a guy who sweeps 10 times in a row and calls it "cheap". All throws and projectiles are also "Cheap" to you unless your the one using them.

3. BAD- You have a solid grasp on the basics of FG. You know blocking is a thing. You've been known to chuck a spear or 10 during your matches and can sometimes even land an accidental combo.

4. SCRUB- You understand the combo system but you aren't Beethoven on the keys. You can hold your own vs bad players and even punish accordingly most of the time. You don't yet understand the nuances of fundamentals. You have a tendency to cling to bad habits rather than grow away from them, wich creates a false sense of accomplishment.

5. ALRIGHT- You have most of your BnB combos down in practice but can struggle in a match. You understand the nuances of fundamentals but can't apply them well. Some days you feel frustrated, others you feel you're getting better. Your not especially confident in any match but its rewarding when you win or play well. You play to get better. Every loss is a lesson, every win is just not a loss.

6. DECENT- You feel confident when facing a bad player but tentative vs a decent one. You punish blatant whiffs well but have a hard time creating openings. You have the subtleties of fundamentals in your head and can benefit from them when it presents itself. When you lose to a scrub you throw your controller and dickslap yourself.

7. GOOD- You play very well most of the time. You have combos down and while you don't always nail them, you recognize when you could have. You can punish whiffs but can't predict as well as you'd like. Your fundamentals are strong. To bad players you look like a god while great players can make you look foolish.

8. GREAT- You are one of the best players you know. You fear no scrub. You can read and react as well as most and can adapt style when needed. You are respected but always fighting for the next level of recognition. You usually feel like you could have played that bad MU better or didn't take enough advantage in the last game you lost.

9. MASTER- You are a master at your game. Even if it's with just your main. You read and react better than anyone you know. You rarely drop combos and are always on the short list for best player. You have high level wins under your belt. Fundamentals and nuances are engrained in your mind for most every matchup and you can take advantage of them.

10. GODLIKE- You are a master at your game with multiple characters. You can react almost precognitively and almost never drop a combo. You view bad MU as an excuse and can adapt to them. It's a THING if you lose a match. Leaving your name off of win prediction lists causes epic forum arguments.


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maybe a 5 or 6 in inj, probably a 4 or 5 in mk9. Hoping to boost myself to 7 status in mkx :) #thedream


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8.5 I make pretty damn good reads, react to highs and punish them, hardly ever drop combos. But there are some matchups I struggle against.


I'd say I'm a 7 or 8. But most people will say I'm a 1-2 because I play Doomsday and I can't win without him. huehuehue


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6 or 7.

I can hit combos consistently, I have an understanding of what to do and how to do it

But when I go against a top player, I feel like I'm a runningback vs the Rams defensive line and I have no offensive line.

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Around a 6 and a half. I fear no player, I just try my best and use my knowledge. If I was to make a read on like Sonic, PL, CDJr, Pig or any of the Gods in my eyes and anti-air or punish them I'd count it as a win. I look for small victories. If I make a hard or obscure punish I feel really good about myself. I just don't think I'm as free as I used to be when I first joined this site. I'm speaking about MK - I'm bloody awful at Injustice, I lose with MMH consistently but then again I just don't like the game.

I don't rage against someone from this site when I play with them, so there is no d*** slapping! :p
probably a 6

I know this is weird but I feel less confident when facing bad players. they just do so much random shit like JIP JIP JIP and i'm too fucking afraid to AA because I know that shit will whiff. I lose to bad players all the time because of it and I could just blame online but idk if that's the only reason. Where as if I'm playing a good player I try to prove myself a bit and I focus a lot more. Even if I lose I still feel like it's a learning experience, but if I lose to a player that I know i'm better than it just makes me get discouraged. kind of fucking sucks and I hope I can improve this for MKX.