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    It's everyday that players are thriving to improve their game, their characters, discover new possibilities and strategies... but it's not everyday that someone goes in to detail about "mistakes" that are commonly made not only by beginning players but also in desperate situations while playing in a tournament. Vagrant has compiled, in his opinion and his view, what it seems the "improving" Scorpion player may be guilty of or should seriously consider re-working their game and strategy to better the chances of "winning".

    Taken from here:

    I notice alot of new scorpion players, and players in general making these mistakes, I know alot of this has been covered in different threads but I figured I'd make a thread kind of putting all of it together as well as some of my own advice...

    Here are the main reasons your scorpion just got turned into an infant.....

    Excessive reliance on 1,1,1 string pressure
    Also known as the dollar menu. It's a solid string, safe on block but if you use it excessively eventually your oponnent will figure it out and counter you with a faster string. Mix up your string with 1, 11, 1 ,111 and other combinations but keep in mind scorpion has some of the best mix ups in the game f3, f4, b2 if your feeling risky and his d4 isn't to be taken lightly either

    No hellfire
    Hellfire can be very useful to let your oponents know they can't sit around and throw spam at you all day, it's great for baiting jumps and if you can read the jump, spear that mother while he's in the air and listen to him complain about it

    Too much hellfire
    While hellfire is good for mobilizing zoners, don't try to legitimitely spam trade with it, a whiffed hellfire can mean the end of scorpions life bar....

    The random spear
    There is a technique against certain characters in which I like to throw a spear at full screen after a knock down. (It usually wins or loses the round for me) I call it fishing. But until you understand when and against who to try this with, only use spear after you hit confirm a string, as aa or if your opponent wiffs something and you know you have the time.

    Jumping too much
    So many players in general make this mistake, jump ins and cross ups can be great to start combos and continue pressure but when you make yourself predictable they're easy to read and punish. It's a hard habbit to break but use jump ins sparingly to keep your opponent on their toes or when you're garunteed a jump (vortex), knockdown etc.

    The panic teleport
    This is the be all end all new players demise. I can't tell you how many smokes ermacs, sektors, noobs, and scorpions, make this mistake. Nothing is better to see after I combo you then the teleport animation soon to be followed by you spinning in the air off of my block waiting to be combo'd yet again.... STOP!! I know taking pressure is nerve wracking but so does your opponent and their banking on you panicking and trying to teleport your way out.

    9 times out of 10 your not going to surprise them with a teleport either..... Use teleports for aa with the right timing for a combo set up, use teleports if you read pressure and know it's going to hit, or use them right before you land for a safe landing into pressure on the other side (This is tricky to pull off at times)... BUT STOP THROWING THEM AFTER GETTING COMBO'D STOP USING THEM TO START MATCHES, AND STOP USING THEM TO "BREAK SILENCE" AS YOU WILL SOON EAT ANOTHER COMBO.

    I don't claim to be the best scorpion player but my game with him has improved dramatically after I broke these habbits. Relax realize when and how to attack, defend, and punish. Don't get discouraged and learn from your losses.

    Red Raptor added this very useful bit: Common mistake new Scorpion players tend to do is when they catch the opponent off an anti-air spear or any anti-air then go for his NJP BnB combo instead of vortex. Gravity pulls the opponent down after his B2 so you won't be able to do his BnB.

    Special thanks to Pimp Ugi, Slips, Red Raptor, Iniquity, KOE, and Quan Da Ghost for inspiration, helping me progress my play, and continuing to innovate for my favorite pissed off undead ninja...

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    Awesome read for Scorpion players old and new. Its a solid reminder of what you should and shouldn't be doing! Thanks for the post guys.
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    Good shit Vagrant!
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  4. axeman87

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    I am so guilty of throwing out a teleport when I panic. I know its a stupid thing to do and I get punished for it everytime unless its an EX.
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  5. Vagrant

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    Wait... I made the front page!?
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    Lmao. Vagrant you cracked me up. Yes you did make the front page!
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    Kick ass Vagrant, lol @ dollar menu.
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    Vagrant man you have my utmost respect and thankyou for the mention
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  9. I know I shouldn't be doing these things but in a tournament I just lose all composure lol
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