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Guide Combo damage-scaling table (all moves)


Expanded and improved presentation, changed values to show the damage reduction rather than the remaining damage.


d2 is [34%] (not 33%)
b123 is [5%, 5%, 20%]
b23 is [5%, 20%]
f13 is [5%, 5%]
f2 is [5%, 5%] against a grounded opponent, [10%, 5%] against an airborne opponent.
f2233 is [5%, 5%, 5%, 15%] (first hit can be 10% as above)
d3 is [5%]
df2 is [5%, 5%]
db2 is [5%, 5%]
DS~db2 is [5%, 5%]

All tested by comboing after trades or into the roomba interactable (hall of justice).


Thanks for confirming these. I'm an idiot who can't do maths for D2 (had it listed as 0.66 scaling, which is of course -34% and not -33%). Awesome job of spotting the extra scaling on air F2. If the whole string hits you're looking at -31.6%, which is nearly as much as D2! Obviously the string does good damage to compensate for this, but damn, no wonder the damage on Raven's combos trails off so quick.

No access to xbox tonight - are you able to confirm if this happens on every air f2 in the same combo or just the first one (like how D2 only does -34% once)?


So "tomorrow" turned into today. List complete. Please let me know if you spot any more oddities like different scaling on juggles/etc and I'll amend the post.


Can I combine this with the BnB thread? I think it would be cool to have this information all in one place.
Yep go for it. To my knowledge the info is still 100% correct as Raven hasn't exactly had many damage changes - D3 damage was "normalized" and I think that was it.

edit: just spotted a small typo (referred to D2 scaling as 33% in the blurb at the top). Fixed image: http://i.imgur.com/21k19I9.png
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