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Combo Breaker 2019 Numbers and Entrants

It's almost time for Combo Breaker 2019: the second big US major this year and the first since Mortal Kombat 11 has come out. And if these numbers are anything to go by, people are excited to play it on the big stage.


In a tweet put out by the official page, we have the final tally from late registration closing out. The game with the most entrants is, as expected of the Chicago born title, is Mortal Kombat 11. Which means 2 things: people are excited about this game and if you are going, you'll have a better chance of getting out of your pool. For those interested in the other games as well, the full standings are as follows:

Mortal Kombat 11 (758)
Tekken 7 (609)
Street Figher V (588)
UNIST (424)
Smash Ultimate (422)
DBZF (374)
Guilty Gear Xrd (311)
MYST - 256
SCVI - 249
BBTAG - 185
3S - 113
ST - 105
KI - 100
VS - 99
MVCI - 92
SG - 82
CVS2 - 50
TMNT:TF - 47
SCII - 43
SFA2 - 42
MVC2 - 40
SFEX2 - 19

If you want to see who is attending, that info is over here. A little early for pools, but you can get an idea as to who is going and what characters you can expect to see.


Awesome and interesting to see TMNT popping up at a couple of these. Looking forward to watching that one.

(And please, whoever to whom I must pray, make more good TMNT games).
I entered for SC6. Nice to see 249 for it. It is funny since people say SC6 is a dying game. Sadly, I didn't enter MK11 due to not having enough money and not being sure I'll have the game in time. I'm down for casuals that weekend though.