Combo Breaker 2019 Early Hype and Registration Reminder

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    Combo Breaker: Chicago's big major. Also happens to be the biggest major for the NRS scene, with Netherrealm Studios based out of that other American city that cares a lot about their pizza. Combo Breaker 2019 also happens to be the first major featuring Mortal Kombat 11, which is set to release the month before. The excitement around this year's event has seen the biggest early registration numbers they've ever had and has brought a few players out of retirement.


    Within 24 hours of being announced, the batch of hotel rooms initially reserved by the Combo Breaker staff had been fully booked. That's 3 separate hotels that got filled up. While we don't have official numbers yet to show that this was directly related to the release of Mortal Kombat 11, it does appear to be the big name draw of the 24 games being hosted this year. Beyond Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Soul Calibur VI, everything else is kind of a tourney staple that's been around for a while.

    If that isn't enough to convince you that this year is going to be big, Pig of the Hut is officially coming out of a two-year break with Combo Breaker 2019. Tom Brady has made hints of his returning to the scene, no official talk for Combo Breaker yet. Perfect Legend as well is feeling the bug to return to the competitive NRS scene. Will this be the year 16 Bit makes his return to the scene, despite being a NRS employee? Probably not, but gosh dangit, this will be big.

    On that note, if you are planning on going, you should register soon. It's $65 until April 2, at which time it will jump up to $80 and then $120 if you are going to be that dick who registers at the door. And, if you register before April, you get into some kind of fancy raffle where they will raffle prizes. Who doesn't like prizes? People who won't follow this link to make sure they get in. If this is your first time registering for an event, make sure you also select the games you want to register for, otherwise you are just overpaying for a spectator's pass. We've got a few months to go, but don't take that to mean you can wait until the last minute!
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