Combo Breaker 2017 will introduce "Three-Player Advancement Pools!"

Discussion in 'Tournament Accommodations' started by JagoBlakeFGC, Feb 24, 2017.

By JagoBlakeFGC on Feb 24, 2017 at 7:12 PM
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    A very interesting post surfaced via the Combo Breaker Twitter account today...

    Combo Breaker Twitter.png
    Apparently they are introducing a new twist to their bracket system this year, called "Three-Player Advancement Pools."

    How does this work? Essentially, if a bracket has at least eighty-one players participating, each pool will have three survivors instead of the original two. To give a clearer definition, if you make Winner's Finals, you are guaranteed for the next phase of the tournament regardless of whether you win or lose. Both players that meet in what would normally be a match for Loser's Finals will instead be advanced to the next phase.

    Why was this implemented? According to statistics gathered by the Combo Breaker team, one occurrence that jumps out to them in terms of frequency is double jeopardy, which is when two players that fought in Winner's Bracket would meet again in Loser's, usually in Loser's Finals. By introducing this new method, it will address that problem to a considerable extent.

    Just to be clear, "Three-Player Advancement Pools" only affects the number of players that will survive each pool. It changes nothing else about how tournaments traditionally work. For a better understanding of the concept, we encourage you to read this explanation from their Tournament Director, CurlingW a.k.a. Max Wasserman.

    Sounds intriguing? Might be fun for you to go to Combo Breaker and try it yourself! Be mindful that it occurs on May 26-28 at the Mega Center in Illinois! Venue will be open for 24 hours all three days of the week!

    *hint, hint* TYM members ought to be aware that Mortal Kombat XL and Injustice 2 will share the stage at Combo Breaker. :)

    To register for Combo Breaker, visit this page.
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Discussion in 'Tournament Accommodations' started by JagoBlakeFGC, Feb 24, 2017.

    1. CrimsonShadow
      Hmm... Interesting...

      Double jeopardy was the thing I didn't like about dividing tournaments into a million small pools.
      Last edited: Feb 25, 2017
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    2. Jynks
      So is the looser finals still played? If I am reading this right, it wouldn't be right as both the two players in winners finals go though and the guy they would normally play in looser finals goes through...
    3. CrimsonShadow
      Can't be played, or else there would be no way to get both people out of the pool (double elim). Not playing it is how you avoid the double jeopardy.
    4. Lokheit
      So it's basically the same only that participants of losers finals have their opponents randomized (or set against loser finalists of other specific brackets) so they don't play each other multiple times, but every player is still eliminated after 2 loses like before. The main difference apart from the opponent scramble is that pool losers finals is now played out of pools phase.
    5. TrulyAmiracle
      I like this, I remember in one the CEOs having to play NerdJosh first round then making all the way from losers to play him again. I was one match away from making out of that pool too as he was the only one that I lost to..

      I'm glad that there's now somewhat of a solution for the double jeopardy as I always disliked that.
    6. ChatterBox
      I think this is great! Another great reason I'm traveling to combo breaker.
    7. WATCHD0G
      this looks to be really exciting, imma have faith in this
    8. FrankOceansWaifu
      God I love Combo Breaker
    9. CurlyW
      Just replying to clarify that the matchups in losers in Top 24/48 will be predetermined, not randomized. I made this Challonge bracket example to show what a Top 24 would look like:
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    10. Mr Wilson
      Mr Wilson
      No point in these new bracket system if fox is gonna win yet again;)
    11. STRYKIE
      Win yet again? Fox has never won Combo Breaker before ;););)

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