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Columbus, Ohio Monthly Tournament(name undecided)


Determined to make a name for the mid-west
I would like to know if any players in Ohio and nearby states are willing to travel out to a monthly tournament in Columbus. We are a small scene of mkx players looking to level up and grow our community. I know there are established tournaments in nearby cities(Cincinnati brutality), but this is a chance for columbus to grow and you can help! If we can get an estimated entrant number of 10-20, I'll go ahead and get a date established and an entree fee.

If you'd be willing to make your way to this monthly tourney could I get a head count?

UPDATE: I'm working on making a Facebook event for the tournament with my people. Once it's up, I'd ask that people share the event with people they think would be interested or on any other social media sites. Especially Reddit. I don't know how to work reddit otherwise I'd do it myself :/
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Just messaged then and the ones in the FB Chat said they were interested. So thats around 6 and that's not counting the other Cincinnati players.


Determined to make a name for the mid-west
I know there's a lot of guys up here in the akron/cleveland area that might want to make the trip. I'd love to go but I can never find time for even weeklies.

We know how much of a pain it can be to travel, even if it's two hours once a month which is why we opted to make a monthly tourney instead of weeklies. You'd have time to get an entry fee ready, prep your transport all ahead of time.

This is sounding a little more promising than I first imagined. I posted on all forms of social media groups, but no one was listening or it'd get deleted


Determined to make a name for the mid-west
That feel when Carl ALSO lives in Toledo, but is too Hollywood to show up when we know he don't got a local scene


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Call it the 'Ooh Yeeah!!!"

Since "Macho Man" Randy Savage was from Columbus, Ohio.

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Even though I live in Arizona there is a chance i could come attend at least for the first one.