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Colombia UMK3-MK9-MK2 tournament mistery guest trailer

Great!. My first guess was hanzo but I droped it, I think to myself it was too obvious. my second guess was someone from USA, maybe Shock XDD

Any news if this Amanecedero will be streamed? this will be great


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Ok, so as some of you know, we had a big event this past saturday and our brothers from MKK Venezuela took the trip to Colombia to compete in MK9 and UMK3 with us Colombian players. Hanzo, Humberto and Victor got here on thursday afternoon and we posted the very first casual matches we played. On the next day, we decided it would be cool to run a "3 Vs 3 tournament" at my place so I made a playlist from the videos hanzo uploaded and here it is:


Please make sure you watch ALL matches, since there is some insane stuff in almost all of them. GGs to our fellow UMK3 Players from Venezuela. You're all amazing at the game and I hadn't seen anything like that before. It was an honor to play with you and of course to get to know you all. Great players and most important, great people.

So, the event took place on saturday night and everyone was happy to see foreign competition. We had most of the matches recorded and some matches were captured in HD with commentaries (that was the "false live stream" we did yesterday and you all will have the pleasure to watch it later )

Please feast your eyes with the 3 Vs 3 "tournament" before you get to see the tournaments matches (that we will upload soon)

Thanks to MKK team Venezuela for making this possible and to everyone that has kept an eye on us on this experience. This is truly a huge step forward in our MK community.

In case you haven't watched the first sets of casuals, here they are:



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Thx for watching, everyone! As a teaser, here are the tournament results:


1 MKK Hanzo
2 Juan Pablo Bermudez
3 Juan David Pedraza
4 Polaco
5 MKK Humberto
5 Lm3
7 KillermanMK
7 Oscar Barrios


1 MKK Hanzo
2 MKK Victor
3 NinjaGrinder
4 Gadget Tsugaru
5 MKK Humberto
5 24/7
7 Vaso 'e Leche
7 Gondo

Videos coming soon! great matches in both games


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Hi again, folks

I have a playlist for our top8 section from the MK9 tournament that took place on october 15th. UMK3 videos should be ready tomorrow.


There are some audio desyinc issues but they can be avoided completely by watching the videos on 720p :)

Also I have a challonge link with the bracket and there are some videos linked in those green clipboards


Thx a lot for watching and stay tuned for UMK3 hot stuff!


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Guys, if you wanna watch some more videos (non tournament videos) here they are (MKK Venezuela Introduction, Awards ceremony, crowd view from losers finals and grand finals, post finals footage, farewell "ceremony", a nice tour throughout the event (at 3am or something) and some players interviews, etc):









Our brothers from Venezuela asked us to sign their country flag and of course we did





I dont even know what to say...that looks awesome....you guys have a descent crowd for umk3 and some beautiful ladies. Excellent stuff. Keep up the good work! P.S. Hanzo seems like he's in the zone...


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Thanks, man. It was awesome indeed to say the least!!

Even I sometimes don't know what to say, go figure :p this was complete madness and fun from thursday noon to sunday morning. Those videos, the moments and matches we shared, will be in our memories forever (and I hope in other's memories as well :) )

And chances are this is gonna happen again sometime soon! :D