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Clayface and Killer Croc


I think Clayface would make a interesting villain to join Injustice. He can shape shift to anything and it would be nice to see if he makes it in injustice. Killer Croc would be another baraka type character. What do you think?
I think these two would be awesome and would be better then a handful that are confirmed !

Be ready for everyone to complain "no more batman characters "

But you can never have to much of the best Rogues gallery !

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Croc is cool but nothing special in terms of gameplay design potential: just another big brawler type, really.

Clayface on the other hand has all the potential for unique gameplay design and animations. I've been arguing for his and Swamp Thing's inclusion since I:GAU for that very reason and something tells me I'm going to have to settle for winning half the battle.


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Might make it in as premier skins. Killer Croc could be a Bane skin, I guess (venom wouldn't make much sense but whatever) and Clayface replaces Swampy.