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Classic Spinal is Now Available for KI Ultra Edition owners!


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The way you remember this skeletal fighter best has returned! Spinal's classic is now available for Killer Instinct Ultra Edition owners. This classic skin comes in three different versions as show below (via EventHubs).

For anyone who doesn't have the Ultra Edition, you will have to wait until these skins hit your KI store.

cspinal.jpg cspinal1.jpg

Additional screenshots credit to EventHubs
via Killer Instinct FB


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Golden Spinal is best Spinal.

I like the new sets, and I actually quite like the base set, I think the headband beats both helmets and the Roman kilt looks a bit baggy on the hips. Also it would be good if the mediaeval kilt had different colours for the different costumes.


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FINALLY a classic costume that doesn't look like it's art is out of place.

Too bad I don't have the Ultra edition and I'm not paying an extra $40 for one costume :D