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Clarification on how to get severed heads

So I've been trying to get every severed head and so far only have Liu Kang's. I heard that the number was lowered from 50 fatalities to 25, is that true? And heard that brutalities also work. Can anyone confirm any of that? After doing 10 fatalities and 15 brutalities on Johnny Cage, one of those has to be false unless I counted wrong, which I honestly doubt. For Johnny I've been doing Survivor Tower on very easy with 1 round to win. So unless I'm doing something wrong someone please spill some info on it.
It took me a while to get them all; learned Brutalities do not work. Only Fatalities. Mercies do not invalidate things either.


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Fastest way is go to Klassic towers, go to survivor as they're only one round matches. And go character by character if you want say Jade's head, keep going back out to main menu and into Klassic until you see her first. Fight her,beat her and fatality her then when it goes to the next match back out and go to tower select again you can fight her again and again. I've done this to get heads and also fought 2 or 3 characters at a time and focused on them. If you keep doing this within a few days you'll get everyone.