Circa Forever Kings wins "MVP" Award at E3

Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Jun 15, 2017.

By STORMS on Jun 15, 2017 at 9:58 PM

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    Today at E3 a very reputable Injustice 2 player received a very prestigious award. That Injustice 2 player, @ForeverKing , who is known for his dominant Batman, was voted "Most Valuable Player" today at E3.

    A few words from King:

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Discussion in 'Injustice 2' started by STORMS, Jun 15, 2017.

    1. 16 Bit
      16 Bit
      why isn't the mvp the guy who won?
    2. RexxyC
      winning doesn't always mean you're the mvp, as shown by most nrs tournaments over the past few years.
    3. KingHippo
    4. Cashual
      Was there a tournament?
    5. Johnny Based Cage
      Johnny Based Cage
      Why would some salty NRS employee come here just to rain on FK's parade? Go QA test whatever buffs Swamp Thing's getting, you bum.
    6. RexxyC
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    7. Icy Black Deep
      Icy Black Deep
      It was an exhibition. There was a 1v1 portion (won by Dragon) and a 4v4 team (won by Dragon's team, which was him, KDZ, Biohazard, and Pig of the Hut). The other team and other people there were Forever King, Big D, Gross, and Noobe. (I think that's all, but I joined late.)

      MVP was voting between Forever King, Pig of the Hut, and Big D (I have no idea how those three were chosen). As mentioned Forever King won but Pig was a very close second.
    8. Roy Arkon
    9. Jynks
      is the e3 event available to watch anywhere?
    10. FrankOceansWaifu
      I believe it's on twitchesports' channel on Twitch
    11. II Tundra II
      II Tundra II
      Would you vote for Dragon?.......that's what I thought.
      Pretty sure that was the popular vote thing going on simultaneously
    13. SaSSolino
      I didn't know about the tournamment, I would have voted for Pig, too bad.

      I like King's Batman too though, so it's all good.
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    14. BunLantern
      Anyone playing Aquaman, Deadshot or Black Adam wasn't going to get many votes.
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    15. SaSSolino
      Superman, Atrocitus and Batman aren't that low tier either actually
    16. BunLantern
      I was more talking about hype to watch than tier. No one likes watching D1 trident rush, heavy zoning, and a character who clearly does too much damage for the mount of effort put in. But I probably should have added Superman to the list lol.

      Batman and Atrocitus (while definitely top tier) are at least hype in my opinion. Batman has all those flippy combos and he's always jumping around doing cool shit, and Atrocitus just beats you down with blood and a cat.....which is awesome.
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    17. SaSSolino
      I have to agree with you on Batman, which I hate to fight yet love to watch. Atrocitus eh, 50/50 aren't that hype for me.

      Still, Pig of the Hut played Fate more than anything in that tournament, and Fate zones like there is no tomorrow.
    18. RexxyC
      What do you not understand? Winning doesn't make you an MVP. You can think about it yourself.
    19. KingHippo
    20. BunLantern
      Yea I forgot about least his voice lines are cool lol
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    21. RexxyC
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    22. God Confirm
      God Confirm
      if you didn't even watch the tournament how would you know who was MVP? This is exactly the wrong attitude, its not a popularity contest
    23. KingHippo
      Yes it is, I believe the voting was up even before the tourney was over.
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    24. SaSSolino
      I watched it, just not live. I even talked about which chatacters were played a few posts up.

      EDIT: also what KingHippo said is actually correct.

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