Chile "VGM TEC" Road To EVO 2012 - Match Videos

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    The Chilean tournament that sung celebration for LaDLURKER in the Grand Finals can now be viewed on YouTube. This tournament had many of South America's finest as it consisted of over 80 players. It was as hype as it could be as whoever ultimately won this tournament also won a free trip to Evo 2012. Thus opening a window of opportunity for at least one international player and the US competition to play each other for the first time ever, offline. Thanks to ETC Mcfly for the videos!
    Day 1 [TOP 81]

    [ETC] Devaud (Jax) Vs Masticacesos (Sektor)

    [ETC] Devaud (Kabal) Vs [Kross] Darkwolf (Reptile)

    Strike (Scorpion) Vs [ETC] Mcfly (LiuKang)

    [ETC] Mcfly (KungLao) Vs Mordrek [Kabal]

    [ETC] Mcfly (KungLao) Vs ErrE-H2 [Cyrax]

    Day 2 [TOP 8]

    SemiFinal 1 Winner [LAD] Lurker (Raiden) Vs [ETC] Mcfly (KungLao)

    SemiFinal 2 Winner [ETC] Devaud (Kabal) Vs FireBomber

    SemiFinal Looser [ETC] Mcfly (KungLao) Vs [TC] Sicario (Kenshi)

    Loooser Final [ETC] Devaud (Kabal) Vs [TC] Sicario (Sektor)

    Grand Finals [LAD] Lurker (Raiden) Vs [ETC] Devaud [Raiden]

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  2. bipolar_shango

    bipolar_shango " Bros before Hoes"

    Nice grand finals :)
  3. a_guardian_devil

    a_guardian_devil "We share blood, we are not brothers!"

    kenshi is awesome lol
  4. i can only imagine how nervous they both were during that final match haha
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  5. Dr_Bufa

    Dr_Bufa Noob

    McFly was so abusive with that teleport, loved how that match end
  6. Wow that was intense really good performance from both soooo close
  7. MKR

    MKR Noob

    Grand final matches nice.
  8. Wow that lucky kenshi vs kung lao for real omg
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