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Discussion in 'Cheetah' started by Espio, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Espio

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    I've waited a long time to post this for a variety of reasons: chiefly that people have over inflated the power of this character. Do I think she's solid with some good utility against some top characters? Sure. Do I think she's top 5 or top 10? Absolutely not and I think the lack of balance in how she has been viewed for most of the game's life still lingers, but these are my current numbers based on playing her as a serious co-main since the game released.

    For people wondering, I feel if a character can reliably anti-air her and out footsie her she is likely to lose to them. She is extremely reliant on leap and anybody who can consistently hamper that hold most of the cards. Her sweep while very good is punishable by a large part of the cast and her wake up game is incredibly weak so all of this factors into her match ups quite a lot so without further delay:

    Green Lantern: 6-4

    Deadshot: 6-4

    Swamp Thing: 6-4

    Atom: 6-4

    Raiden: 6-4

    Poison Ivy: 6-4

    Enchantress: 6-4

    Donatello: 6-4

    Raphael: 6-4

    Flash: 5-5

    Blue Beetle: 5-5

    Leonardo: 5-5

    Black Adam: 5-5

    Dr. Fate: 5-5

    Firestorm: 5-5

    Supergirl: 5-5

    Black Manta: 5-5

    Michaelangelo: 5-5

    Bane: 5-5

    Darkseid: 5-5

    Captain Cold: 5-5

    Black Canary: 5-5

    Harley Quinn: 5-5

    Cyborg: 5-5

    Hellboy: 5-5

    Sub-Zero: 5-5

    Red Hood: 5-5

    Brainiac: 4-6

    Atrocitus: 4-6

    Green Arrow: 4-6

    Scarecrow: 4-6

    Catwoman: 4-6

    Aquaman: 4-6

    Starfire: 4-6

    Batman: 4-6

    Superman: 4-6

    Robin: 4-6

    Wonder Woman: 3-7
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  2. Mandolore1123

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    Would you care to explain Atom and Black Manta? I feel Atom doesn’t really have options to zone her out and he can’t really anti-air her. He doesn’t have good footsies outside of d3. Damage is out of the question. Granted I suck so I’m looking forward to some solid advice on the MU. As for Black Manta, I find it reasonably easy to prevent leaps from full screen by use of db2 rockets as well as to build meter. Manta does less damage but I feel that he can compete in the footsie department. Could you elaborate a bit more on the MU?
    Plus I think you missed Black Adam? But I might be blind. Many thanks :)

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  3. Espio

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    Keep in mind that Cheetah's footsies aren't too notable outside of down 3 either and try to play her more up close instead of zoning. People try too hard to avoid the neutral game with a character that is is one of the least imposing on that front. She has a weak wake up game so try to use that to your advantage in setting her up for oki pressure. Trait is a huge part of your neutral too since it can lead to full combos, immense corner carry, chip and can be activated in the air, off strings etc.

    The missiles are good, but it should also be noted that Cheetah can always do fake leaps, close lunges, walk in etc. she isn't required to come in that way. Down 3 is excellent to challenge is strong advancing buttons and he is relatively vulnerable to her oki. His missiles beam chip and shark attack definitely keep her in check to a notable degree, but her checks on oki and offense make me more inclined to even although if it was 4-6 in Manta's favor, I don't think that's hard to believe or controversial.

    I added Black Adam to the list, I figured I was missing something heh.
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  4. Mandolore1123

    Mandolore1123 Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning

    Thanks for your input. Wish I could play more but I hardly find anyone online nowadays :(

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  5. Espio

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  6. Mandolore1123

    Mandolore1123 Man of Science Who Wields the Living Lightning

    I live in Hong Kong and play on PS4. I also study full time so I’m not sure if we will be able to play :(

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  7. Parasurama

    Parasurama Dragon

    Hi Espio... Superman MU - the air lasers? And his advancing mid but she is able to low profile it and the pressure from it... Any other factors?
  8. Eldriken

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    You didn't list the Darkseid MU, sir.
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  9. Braindead

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    I agree that Wowo loses this MU 3-7.
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  10. gam224

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    Please explain the Robin match up. I struggle in this match up as Robin but it’s probably because I’m generally free to leap characters.
  11. Espio

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    His float/simple walk speed can make her sweep whiff which is one of her only footsie tools so it's not as though that should be a real notable deal. She's also minus 8 so you can check her if you block from time to time. Not to mention, sweep versus Forward 2,3 damage if one versus the other whiffs is no comparison as you're eating a full combo as Cheetah and as Superman you eat like 7 0r 8 percent.

    Superman has some of the best air normals in the game, ones that reliably beat out Cheetah's air normals in air to air scenarios so he should never fear challenging her in the air.

    It's not like lunge low profiles air lasers. She gets hit in leap stance or at best back dashes and many times when meter burned they can catch you while airborne.

    His trait destroys armor so that weakens how strong her forward 3 is for offense and countering characters with better footsies/neutral. 4-6 Superman's favor based on the available tools.

    Added, my apologies.

    Better offense, better pokes, better range plus zoning and solid air normals. Super winnable, but one does things better than the other is the simple gist of the match up.
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  12. Yoaks

    Yoaks A spaceman

    How does Hellboy beat Cheetah?
  13. Eldriken

    Eldriken A few pints of blood is all ask.
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    I fully agree with 5-5. It's basically my rules outside of her footsie range/full screen. But up close? Pffft. It's all her.
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  14. Espio

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    Yes, it's so annoying lol. Her being able to low profile all his wake ups is wonderful and a huge help because if she had to constantly guess all the different wake ups I would be heated. Him being able to hit her with lasers even though she's in lunge stance is a trip too so it balances out pretty well.

    I was sitting on the fence about 5-5 or 4-6 due to him being so hard for her to anti-air and him having great options to anti-air her, but her hitbox can help make some of his attacks whiff so I'll err on 5-5 for now.
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  15. I think she beats Borg by a little
  16. I don't think Cheetah goes even with Darkseid. She can't lounge low profile the ground beam. Darkseid can comfortably sit full screen to zone and summon traits. Darkseid has too much meter advantage which then allows him to air escape punish Cheetah's B3 mid combos. His jump 3 is nearly impossible to anti air. His wakeup options: knee up laser, backdash, delayed wakeup are hard to oki
    Btw, Cheetah - Batman is 1-9
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  17. Espio

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    But anyone can air escape her command grab into back 3 combos so it's nothing particularly unique to him doing that . She can go under knee and punish with sweep and the rest is all a matter of reads at the end of the day. I agree on the anti-air problem and lasers hitting in lunge stance sucks. I will have to play it a bit more with more Darkseids to see if it alters my opinion though.

    I know there's a meme surrounding Batman versus her from a long time ago, but I'd rather fight him over: Brainiac, Atrocitus, Wonder Woman and quite a few others lol.
  18. Evil_Riu48

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    I think you been 2 nice to the darksaid matchup. She wins that matchup 6-4 you do not need to rethink it... I'm sure you thought about saying it but played it safe and called it a 5-5 but you know very well she beat him

    She elso beat subzero 6-4 or maybe worst but for sure is not 5-5

    Atom is a 5-5 for sure. As an atom and cheetah player i can tell you that most atom players do not know how to play this matchup.

    Scarecrow is 5-5

    supergirl is 6-4 it is hard for supergirl to open up cheetah and cheetah has much better mixups for more damage

    Startfire is a strong 3-7 everything cheetah does becomes a risk

    Aguaman is a 5-5

    Wonder woman i will not say anything but we all may be wrong about this machup. If only i could test this against a top player
  19. Espio

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    Sub-Zero: What is your reasoning for saying that? It makes no sense.

    Atom: I play Atom and Cheetah too, but it doesn't tell us anything about the match up at all and it's not a relevant match up talking point at all. Already discussed.

    Scarecrow: Except for the fact that she cannot stop him from DOTing her, he has faster pokes, better offense with real plus frames, can jump in on her pretty free, outfootsies her and can anti-air her reliably. There's nothing even about this match up because he also has a good wake up to top off all his other advantages and since she has no six frame button, even being neutral versus him might as well be his frame advantage. Zero reason to be even.

    Aquaman: No it isn't, she has no real answer to trident rush on block and he gets easy punishes on her down 3 with his long ranged down 1. He has reliable anti-airs and can trait out of combos and punish you as a result too.

    Darkseid: No reason to currently believe she wins and you have not provided a reason for why she would.

    Starfire also doesn't make sense.
  20. Evil_Riu48

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    She beat sub because he can't do much against her back dash and she gets a meter advantage against him.

    Did you just say scarecrow jump on her for free? Nop and itbis him who has a hard time doing anti air against her.

    Some of this matchup are hard to explain on paper you have to see it for youself. I we could do some atom vs cheetah if you like so you can see how i play against her with atom. Or if you know a sub player i can play him so you can see why she clearly beat him.
  21. DC4-3

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  22. Evil_Riu48

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    True story
  23. Invincible Salads

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    fitting that her worst MU is Wowo, lol
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