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Tech Cheesy Insta-stand crossover in the corner


Remember, representing ermac is illmatic.
This CAN be techrolled but the situation permits a mind game since they always will think you are going for a standing reset. Here's how it works, you are gonna need some bars for this setup. Do your standard reset bnb (j3j2d2xxgrapple) and if it takes them to the corner you can go for a cheesy insta stand crossover by doing neutral j3 d2xx overhead bounce cancel and it will restart the combo and instantly cross them up. The second uppercut makes them stand rather quickly so if you haven't done this to them that game they probably won't techroll or wake up. Even the slightest charge on the overhead will cause it to hit from the front. There are ways to set this up without meter but the uppercuts in the combo telegraph it more. One sexy one i do from time to time is b23 dash d2 call bats b23 release bats dash d2xxOverhead. There are plenty of ways to set it up but the aforementioned is usually the sneakiest.

If someone could record it and post it for me ill edit the original post.

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The way I was doing in in the corner was like:

123 > 3 > 123 > D2 xx Trait Summon > D2 xx MB F3 Cancel

Obviously it doesn't work pseudo midscreen like yours, but it saves the bar by not using grapple.

This was the old way I did it which was with the grapple, never recorded the new way:

I would record your way, but I don't have a TV that my capture card will work with =/